If you've been going annually since you were a toddler, if you worked the College Program, if you went the first time when you were 13 or when your kids were teenagers, if you're planning your first trip now....
Tell us about how your Disney love story began. When did you fall in love with the Mouse? When did a Disney cast member say "welcome home " to you and you started to cry?

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Yep! I'm sure it wouldn't have been a film I'd chosen. I still remember not liking it and it was a long time ago!

The first Disney films I ever saw were Jungle Book, Snow White and also The Rescuers - still some of my favourite films.  My sister took me to the cinema to see The Rescuers when I was about 10. I have it on video still.

I never went to Disney as a child but it was always something I hoped I'd be able to treat my kids too.  It always seemed such a huge financial commitment with the cost of flights across the pond etc, but with the internet enabling us to find our own flights and accommodation to keep the costs down, we finally managed it when my kids were still young enough to experience the magic - and then I was hooked. This year will be our 4th visit.

I probably get more excited than DH, DS or DD about Disney and can watch the films over and over. I just absolutely love the sites, the smells, the food, the characters, the parks, everything. Can't wait to go again!

Well, I don't remember many Disney firsts because it seems like it has always been a part of our family.  A small part, but a part none the less.

Growing up we watched The Wonderful World of Disney on TV every Sunday night. Yes, I'm 47, so this was back in the day. We also watched any Disney movie that came out in the theater.  One in particular that I remember is The Rescuers because we were all watching it as a family and when the albatross tried landing in the bayou and then later when he tried taking off and got sucked through Madame Medusa's swamp vehicle and shot out the back, my dad thought it was so funny that he started laughing and couldn't stop. That made our whole family laugh!

My first trip to Disneyland I remember I was 4 or 5.  That was the Mr. Lincoln trip chronicled here.  Yeah, I'm the reason my mom's hair is white.

We also had some Disney LP's for Haunted Mansion and Aristocats that had full color books with them.  We played them over, and over, and over.

Disneyland trips were probably every few years until I hit junior high.  They Disneyland started selling these passes to groups where you got to go into the park and on any ride as many times as you wanted.  No tickets for each ride!  It was AMAZING!!  We would wait until my mom's work would offer those tickets and then we would go.  It worked the same way for Grad Night.  You got to stay up the whole night at Disneyland and go on any ride you wanted as many times as you wanted.  I was thrilled when they finally went to the one price entrance ticket.

We went more often when I was in college and living the single life in So Cal.  Then when I got married, we bought annual passes and talked my parents and sister into getting them too.  We did have a few years in there where we didn't get passes because of life situations, but then we got back into the swing of things.

Then I started the Disney Challenges on Two Peas in a Bucket and got schooled by Disney Peas about the differences between my beloved Disneyland and WDWI also found out that there was a lot more to Disney than food and rides.  Who knew? LOL! I also started teaching a Disney layout class at my LSS for several years and later one in my home.

It has been fun learning and discovering so many things about Disney through you all on Two Peas, the first Disney Scrappers site, and this site.  I've enjoyed meeting many of you that I think I have known for at least a decade now, and I look forward to meeting more of you and someday making that trek to WDW.

I went to Disney World for the first time a year after it opened. We had family in Orlando so I went several times in high school. We also watched the Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday nights and it was always a magical place to me.

After I was married we didn't go to WDW for many years as we bought a house and started our family. When my son was small I once again discovered the magic of Disney as we watched a sing-a-long VHS tape that had songs from many Disney movies. Oh how I wish I could find it on DVD! He would watch it over and over. And we would watch Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast many times. When he was nine we could finally afford our first family trip to WDW. It was 1997 and we stayed at All Star Sports. A Disney fanatic was born in me on that trip. We went again in 2002, 2004, 2006 and it was then we decided we had to invest in the magic and join the vacation club. We have been every year since then and are now fortunate enough to go twice a year.

Our friends all think we are crazy for going so often. I am in another Disney group and have been able to meet many Disney friends who get our love of this magical place. I hope to meet some of you some day as well and we are planning our first DL trip next year so maybe I will get to meet the Diva!

Tami I love your Lincoln story.

Becky - I remember there used to be a lot of Disney sing-a-long videos. Have they not put them onto DVD?

Some of the singalong a are on DVD

Oh, fun topic!

I grew up watching Disney movies and shows on Sundays - Magical World of Disney, I think it was billed as in Canada. I became a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, but it was hard to get things sent to Canada in the 80's! I always dreamed of going to DL or DW, and Mom always said we'd go one day, although she was terrified of flying, and it never worked out for our family to drive that long distance.

All my life I've loved Disney and Disney/Pixar movies. I've seen almost all of them, and owned a ton on VHS, and have been getting them on DVD or BluRay through the years.

Fast forward to October 2010 - I was being sent to Florida for work, and I was able to alter my flight back to Canada for a Sunday, so spent the one Saturday in DW - Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I loved MK, but hated Epcot. I was rushed, it was scorching hot, the Food and Wine Festival was on, and it was cramped, drunk people kept walking into me, and the sterotypical (and mostly Eastern Canadian) Canadian pavilion irritated meI swore I'd never do that park again, even though I loved the British pavilion and feeding this duck who took a fixin' to me!

I was in California for work in 2011 and once again planned to fly back on a Sunday, so drove up to DL for the Saturday. It was like going home. That's how I describe it. DL is "my Disney". I don't know why, but there it is. Everything is closer together, everything is more "me" somehow. After relocating to San Diego and having a pass where we went regularly, here is maybe why: Animal Kingdom is like a big zoo, and SD has a world renowned zoo, so it isn't special to me. Epcot is a lot like FolkFest in Saskatoon (Canada), and I did that every summer, so that isn't a new concept or anything special to me. Having done Epcot with my now-husband, that trip really 'saved' Epcot for me. It wasn't as rushed or crowded, and we spent time enjoying things. It's still lower on my list of interests, but I don't hate it anymore!

My husband was in band while younger and played/marched in two DL parades, so he has been a Disney person for years. Two weeks into dating, we went there for a weekend with friends, we've had passes to DL before, we went to Star Wars Weekends in 2013, we got engaged in front of Sleeping Beauty castle in 2013, we are huge Star Wars fanatics and had that as a wedding theme, and we are going on our Disneymoon in June 2015.

Disney is a huge part of our life, and scrapbooking is a huge part of mine, so being part of this group is just magical! <3

Awwww! You got engaged in front of Slepping Beauty's Castle Tanya? That's fantastic!  And I love that DL felt like home.  I couldn't agree more.  I'm interested in seeing WDW (and Epcot especially!) but I know it will never top Disneyland in my heart or in my experiences. Plus I think my low expectations will probably help me have a better time. Hahahahahaha!

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