I wanted to make a list of Members just so that you know your money has been received. This list is for the members during the period of May 1st 2017 and May 31st 2018.

Please let me know if you have paid and your name isn't on this list or if the name is incorrect.

 I love Mickey Mouse and Disney. But does it bother anyone else that Mickey's ears always seem I be rotating weirdly?

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your support of Disney Scrappers! This is going to be FUN!

White Glove Level Members: (last update March 22nd 2018)

Susan Stringfellow

Tami Bastiaans

Laurie Zeller

Natalie Gibbons

Casey Lane

Merrick Dunphy

Orlanda Silva

Janeen Beuchel

Tanya Fears

Julia McKenzie-Grant

Frank Vento

Kristin Fougeron

Nancy Burke

Bobbi Beech

Taylor Coffren

Christi Spadoni

Michelle Galatuik

Amy Shepard

Michelle Powell

Kimberly Piwowarczyk

Pam Woodhouse

Cris Gray

Kathy Perry

Valerie Burgess - Valerie S.

Wendy Mitchell

Tamara Peters

Lorraine Lawson

Cindy Saylor

Diane Karn

Cari Kasson


Vickey Russo

Leslie Woodruff

Michelle Brock Fisher

Kathleen Summers

Kristie Meeker

Doreen Spencer

Stephanie Hanning


Virginia Menchaca

Rachel Hall

Kate Vye

Shannon Blinn







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Hi Susan, that Valerie is me, in case it wasn't clear. I forgot my PayPal has my maiden name!

Susan, I mailed off my check on Thursday.  Will you please let me know when it gets to you?  I definitely want to be a White Glove Member.  :)

I will change it Valerie - I knew it was you but I will put a link to you.

Wendy I will list you now :)

I have never sent money through PayPal, which category do I choose, a gift?

whichever you choose is fine. Gift goes thru the quickest because it doesn't expect merchandise to be mailed.

WELCOME! :) I think we may get started in a couple of weeks! I cant wait

Diane you are added :)

Tanya R, I have you added but for some reason I can't edit this on my ipad

Money sent

I just got you added Sally :)

ANNOUNCEMENT - You should all start seeing emails from me to first request you as a friend on the site, and then to invite you to join this group. Please PM me if you don't see this coming in your box today.

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