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I am so excited to be headed back to WDW in just 30 days! My friend and I leave June 17th for an amazing week. We just booked our last piece of the trip...the plane tickets...so I will be calling Disney tonight to finalize that. So excited to see and experience all the new stuff and my friend is getting excited too. She hasn't been since she was a kid so much of this is going to be new to her. It's going to be a blast!

108 days till our next trip! Tomorrow I will be buying g our Halloween party tickets!!! Still have to decide what we will be dressing up as. Hubby has even agreed to dress up (I think he is actually excited about that part lol).
Then after that Sebastian and I are heading down in October for a trip with my sister. We will be staying on property​ since I hate driving. Not sure if we are doing the Halloween party. I'm pretty sure we are going to do the new thing having to do with Sleepy Hallow.

My youngest son and I are going then end of next April after he gets back from college.  I've never been at that time of the year.  I can't wait!!!  Let it begin!  Let it begin!!!

Unfortunetly my son is going to 12th grade this year and really can't take one. We always go in spring and fall. and he is in football and Lacrosse and doesn't want to miss any of his senior year' :( This is so sad, but I was thinking maybe a cruise right after graduation. I only was on the Disney cruise once, and I loved it. But it is hard to be in Florida without stopping at Disney! lol 

My sister and I just got back from spending 2 days there. We loved Epcot's garden and flower show!!! I have never seen anything more beautiful. We had a fun experience at Hollywood studios as we were escorted and protected by 2 storm troopers.

So many fun photos to scrap!!

Oh I just loved reading this! I so wish I had a WDW trip to plan. We have to wait til we have boys who are nearby and want to babysit the house and the kitties. I don't feel good leaving Noel again since she has renal failure and has to have fluids every 2 days. I had hoped for May of 18 but now its looking like may of 19 which will be unreal crowded after StarWars Land opens.

Janet - that sounds just wonderful!!! I hope you got photos. We are definitely doing Flower and Garden next time.

We are hoping to get to WDW after Star Wars Land opens in 2019, but will likely wait until cooler temps and lower crowds, rather than right when it is open.

We have booked for end of July for 3 weeks although we will visit Universal as well. DH has ordered tickets but we can't book anything yet as we are not staying on property (I have started planning though :) ) The boys are looking forward to seeing Pandora

258 days til WDW!!!

I just booked for the DVC member Moonlight Magic at AK in Sept.  Of course, now I have to get a ticket for that event, and you know how that goes with Disney!   Keeping fingers crossed!

Donna I know how it goes during senior year! We did not go to Disney for either boys senior years. I missed it so much but we all had fun at home and almost as many pictures lol!

We are back in 64 days and counting, can't wait we will be there for three weeks we have a lot planned!

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