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Here's my countdown

That's cute Michelle!

Just booked CBR for Feb 2-10!

That is such a cute countdown Michelle!

That's awesome Sally!
Ok people-Flights of Passage is completely amazing! I was able to ride it twice on my trip and already want to ride again! Disney did an amazing job on all of Pandora and it was so worth all the wait. :) so book your fast passes!!!

My new countdown is ??? But I'm working on my parents for potentially a Christmastime trip so who knows?? ;)

Michelle - that is adorable!!! I love it! I need a countdown other than the one on my phone now

Janeen - thanks for the review! So glad you loved it. I cant wait to see all of your photos.

I have no WDW countdown and I had hoped for 2018 spring but its too soon and we really aren't sure we want to leave Noel any more....she isn't going anywhere. I don't know. Its hard to know with the boys jobs and school the way they are at the moment when they can house sit and cat sit. I am hopeful Brett will stay in houston and that will allow us to actually go on a trip at some point.

Going home to WDW in 173 days.  We arrive on December 15 and return to REALITY on December 25.  This year we are really going to try to spend more time at Animal Kingdom.  We usually spend only 1/2 day there in the past.  Chloe (my daughter) in the past  just wanted to go to Rafiki's Conservation STation and their petting zoo and then maybe a ride or two.  This time  will go to AK   at the beginning of the trip but at the end we will take the Wanyamara Safari with a dining excursion and then the next night (Dec 24th) we will do the 10 pm Starlight Safari at Animal Kingdom.  And Fishing...Donas (my hubby) is taking Chloe fishing at Wilderness Lodge area. 

We are leaving on September 4th and staying until the 10th.  Total surprise trip!  One of my husbands clients had DVC points that he couldn't use so he passed them on to us.  We are staying at the Polynesian.  I am so excited!  I've been working on my spreadsheets constantly!

How fun those are exact dates as well Wendy! Are you guys planning to go to the Halloween party?

I think we're waiting for the 50th now. ~sigh~

200 days!!!

Merrick-we are planning on 2021, but it would be Spring Break.  I don't know if I want to put it off or not.  I'm thinking since so much will still be new to us just do it and plan another trip after.  We will be missing TSL since we are going in February so that will be new for us in 2021.

Merrick- we are planning a trip in 2021 as well. Typically we go in September but hubby enjoys F&G so we shall see when we go for sure. I can't wait to see on the new and exciting things coming by then!

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