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this is the place

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It makes me CRAZY
My nephew is thinking about taking my son for his birthday in August. We usually go to Disneyworld so this will be a great treat for him. I may join them if I can come up with a some extra money

Thanks for understanding Merrick! ;)

Supercool Tanya! I hope you get to go

Just saw the counter on my phone! 100 days til our trip! Maybe that is a long time for you Disneyland girls, but when you count down to WDW that is a biggie. LOL! I have to get serious about walking and losing weight

What a great Birthday Treat Tanya

Suz, maybe we should come up with a plan for walking/losing weight and hold each other accountable!

So we decided to cancel the 4th of July family Disneyland trip. We (me and three out of the four kids) were in Costa Mesa for Father's Day weekend (Ron's been working down there and we crashed his hotel room) and when we saw the heat wave that was coming for the next week, we just decided to STAY. Which was awesome. So we did go to Disneyland and the beach and had a nice vacation. It was just a bummer that our oldest wasn't there for it. He'll be going to D23 with friends next month so he'll be doing Disneyland soon anyway. So it's ok.

yes! Great idea Kathleen!

Disneyland experts...My sister is visiting friends in CA for spring break and wants to visit DL for a weekend. She also wants my parents and Drew and I to go for the weekend. Drew really wants to find a way to do this. Will it be worth the trip?
If anyone get a a chance when they are there, can you send me some maps? I'll pay for postage.

The 2017 Unofficial Guide to Disneyland is available on Overdrive for my library -- have you checked yours? (
2018 comes out in August)

Sally - I think I have some kicking around - let me look.

I know they have them on the website, if that helps. I like physical copies too, but that might help answer some immediate questions you have. :)

Sally said:

If anyone get a a chance when they are there, can you send me some maps? I'll pay for postage.

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