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My friend from Canada is coming down again, and we are going Sept 6-7.

A friend in SD wants to take me for my birthday, but we will see what happens.

I would love, love, love to do the Red Rose Tavern either trip, but we will see if it is still open. 

Our girls trip is in 129 day! WOOHOO! Kathleen, Tami, Lauri and I are going to Disneyland for a few days. I would also love to do that Red Rose Tavern, but I doubt it will be there at that time.

Tanya - I am so glad you are going right before us so you can give me the scoop :) Where will you be staying? Kathleen and I will be at Candy Cane Inn and I cant wait, just such a cute classic place that has lasted forever.  When would you go for your bday?

Susan - we haven't booked a hotel yet, but I should likely get on that! It is unusual for me not to have everything fully booked. :S

My birthday is June 16th, so my friend was thinking maybe that day, but it is also a grad night at DL, and having been there last year with that, I am not sure if I can handle that many teenagers at once again! ;)

I really hope the Red Rose Tavern is open - my favorite place is BOG, and I guess it is similar in many ways. Plus, I really need one of those red rose glasses in my life!

Tanya that is my DS2's birthday too. It's really interesting reading about other people's plans. I haven't ever been to DL but would like to get there someday

Eek I would go the day before, Tanya. But I don't do well with those crowds. I love BOG so much, the food is as great as the atmosphere.
Cris , it's very different but there are so many gems that you won't see at wdw. It's not something you should compare. I don't think you can compare Disneyland and magic kingdom, you have to look at them as different types of parks, with some similarities. Disneyland is like an older well established home with tons of foliage and lots built close together like a little village, so may rides!!! Lots of locals there. Magic kingdom is big and open and like a new posh neighborhood and people visit from far away. Such a different feel but both are good if you don't think of them as the same park.
So when do you guys think they will announce the fall dates and parties at Disneyland? I don't understand why they don't do it at the same time as wdw. People need to plan

That's interesting Susan. I think it will be a few years before we get there. I'd like to travel to the west side of the US and see San Francisco, Las Vegas,  and go back to the Grand Canyon. It would be another big trip :)

Probably not until 2022 or so :(

We will be there on the 26th for Date Night because they are bringing the bands back to Tomorrowland Terrace for weekends through the summer. My husband is beside himself with excitement!

Then we will be going June 10th for afternoon tea with my parents at Steakhouse 55 and then some park time.

You never know, the RRT may still be open this fall. Sometimes they keep things until after the DVD comes out. It's ok, but really just a quick overlay of B&B stuff in the Village Haus. So if it's gone, don't worry, BOG is much better. But if it's here, you def want to give the stuff a try.

I wish the Halloween Afternoon tea wasn't only on friday and saturdays...well that was the case last year. They say if sold out super fast so maybe they will add days.

I just wanted to try the DL version of Grey Stuff - it looked yummy. And of course I love the cupcake lunch version at WDW. The best one at dinner was really the Lemon or strawberry cupcake. We tried all of them. LOL!

Out next trip is for 4th of July. We'll be there from June 30th to July 5th. I'm super excited because Drew can come too, so it will be our WHOLE FAMILY!!

Then my next trip will be the girls trip with Suz. Can't wait!

WOOHOO! :) That sounds like a super packed time but so fun and long enough to take breaks in the part of the day when its just crazy. I am interested to see what they do for the 4th

Just went Feb. 27-Mar 2.  Wrong time to go.  DGC being refurbed, pools closed.  So many rides down for re-furb.  I went out for World of Color and it was down.  Very disappointed.  But we still had a good time!  DLR is way bigger than I remembered it.  And we liked meeting Darth Vader and Chewie!

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