This is just a continuation of our other thread about upcoming trips.

Share the excitement of trip planning, ask questions... whatever

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That sounds perfect Jennifer, it costs so much more for us to go over the Xmas hols! I keep hinting about Paris but DH seems to ignore me a lot! My two will be 22 and Matt will turn 21 out there!

yes, Tanya, I loved that resort many years ago when we stayed there. Its just a great one for feeling like you are staying in a disney park which I loved. Great photo ops so take photos of every single area. I kind of only took photos in our area so I really missed alot.

My next trip won't be soon. I won't leave noel again, she is just too old. Plus want my kitchen remodel done, and I really really want a new loaded Pathfinder. I wanted a Acadia but dh hates that car and loves his pathfinder which is not loaded because its for work and full of cables, ladders, and techie crap. So those costs will keep us away from vacations of any kind for awhile.

Finally I can add to this!  Just booked rooms for Spring Break 2017.  Currently we are in Bay Lake Tower just as backup, not 100% whether it's where we will stay.  I'm exciting to be in the planning mode again even if its still  10 months away!

Awesome!  I am waiting for packages to open up for 2017.  We are hoping for Poly since it is only 2.5 days.  If we can't swing that we will look in to POR.

I have a list Sally of where I still want to stay!  (Poly is on my list) If I can get my husband to split stay I'll be able to stay at least of ll the Disney Vacation Clubs in the next  20 years!

Doreen who did you book your holiday with please?

I'm trying to get DH to agree to a WDW holiday next summer :)

That's exciting Cindy! I'd love to stay at Bay Lake! We've not even finished this holiday and I'm already planning the next one.... Although I think it'll be 2020 before we come back - can't be doing with a baby on a plane for nine hours! Lol

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