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Does anyone know when the dates come out for the Candlelight Processional?  We may try to stay an extra day, if I can get decent prices for our airline tickets.

Thanks for continuing over here. I don't know the dates but it sounds amazing. I would totally add a day for that.

We are going 11/19-11/28, and usually take a later flight home, but not that late.  I'm afraid it will start the night we're leaving :(

oh isn't that the way. Yes, we missed it by a week or 2 so I know what you mean. I believe it starts the weekend of Thanksgiving normally so you should be good. At least that's what a CM told us when I was complaining about the fact that it starts so late in the season. I just think if MVMCP is happening at the beginning of Nov, so should the processional. Even if just to take some of the crowds away from MK because its nutso crazy there.

I have a WDW question.  SO…my next trip to WDW is early October.  For a portion of the time it will be just hubby and me. We've been there before.  

Then my oldest son, his wife and my grandsons will be meeting up with us for a few days.  I don't know how long they will be with us at this point. 4 or 5 days I think.  My grandsons will be 4.5 years and 2 years old.  I've personally never been to a Disney park with little children.  I think we may only go 2 days to the parks with them.  We may get in a third. We want to do a rest day in between.  It all depends on the parents and how much time they have.  

We've already discussed the NSSHP and have decided not this time.  The boys have early bed times and don't do well with staying up late.  But what about for Hubby and me before the kids arrive??  Thoughts???

I think the #1 park for pre schoolers must be Magic Kingdom…right?  And then my thought is Animal Kingdom as #2 especially since my grandsons love animals.  If we get a 3rd day at a park, which should it be?  I'd love any and all info and advice you may have on WDW with little ones.  


Wendy, the Food and Wine festival will be going on in Epcot while you are there. It's really fun to just wander around and try different foods. We did it for lunch one day and dinner another. That's definitely something for you and your husband to check out. 

Your grandsons might like Epcot too. Those "kidcot" craft stations look really fun. Plus there's a ferry boat ride to get across that the boys might enjoy. Lots of different entertainment going on as you go from country to country too including character meets.

But you might find that the boys like Magic Kingdom so much they want to go back for another day. 


oh and I should contribute to the actual topic and say we don't have other Disney trip planned in the near future.

Magic bands and the app made my husband a Disney fan - he still has it on his phone to check the Mine Train wait times. LOL So I think we'll go back again sometime in our lifetimes. I'd definitely go in November again because I loved being immersed in Christmas. Maybe 2017 or 2018?

Christi, which app is that?  

Thank you Christi.  I'll have to check that out.  :)

I swore I wouldn't go back to Disney until they complete something... Pandora, DHS, etc. Well I finally started my Mom's trip album for last December's trip and she said she has been thinking about wanting to go back. Lol! I wasn't sure that she truly had a great time, guess now I know she did :)

I told her maybe we can go in 2017, can't do next year as our home still needs a few things done to it. She is okay with tagging along with my husband and I. I can't leave him home again lol..and he is okay with her coming along.

Now to decide what time of year to go?? I was thinking spring or fall. Either March, April or May depending on when Easter and most of spring breaks fall or late September/early October. She would like to stay at POFQ again since she knows her way around and doesn't need me to chaperone her everywhere lol.

She thinks I am nuts since I am already thinking of what we can do lol. I know I want to eat in the castle for the first time. I think I will be able to decide better on a timeframe once pricing comes out next summer.

Starting to get excited for our next trip.  It's our biyearly friend trip and it can't come soon enough.  At the end of the week I can make fastpass plans,  if we only had our tickets!

Anyone else getting ready to go or planning a trip soon?

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