Lets share our fave wafer thin dies here

Like the ones made by Spellbinders or Sizzix and now by everyone from Echo Park and Prima, to Recollections and Paper Studio

These are the dies that you use a Big Shot type crank machine with, not a sillhouette or cricut

Share a photo of the die, a link, or whatever and tell us where you got it.

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I love thin dies. I have various shapes but mostly floral leaves and doilies. I store them in one of those clear frig boxes in the sizzix envelopes. These are some of my favs
Oh I need to shop!!! I want one of those boxes badly!!! And Orlando you've got some great dies! That snowflake/doily is fantastic
Orlanda, I really like your storage, it makes them easy to see, mine are in a large canvas box which are difficult to find, I keep saying that I really need to put them into some kind of organisation!

I've tried all different ways to store these. I've tried binders (they start slipping out, become really heavy), I've tried those magnetic sheets but the problem I was having with magnetic sheets is it makes them so heavy because if you get thin magnetic sheets they start popping off the sheets and the heavy magnetic sheets are just way to heavy. But with those sizzix folders, you can just throw them into the envelope and it keeps the entire thing light. I'm still not done organizing, once I get them all in those envelopes, I want to make dividers so I can label the different types. If anyone has seen any of Jennifer McGuires videos on how she stores her's, that is how I want to store my dies, the way she does it (but of course at a much smaller scale)

this is what I got.  Not sure how it will work but I used the 40% off coupon so its worth trying. Also found two die sets in the clearance section


Michelle Powell, those dies are amazing. I love the Cinderella ones. I looked for them on the link. Do they get them back in if they sell out? I was going to try and email the website. I'm going to have to make an order when I get home from work. Thank you for sharing.

See the nice edges and embossing make it worth it to buy dies sometimes even with a silhouette 

How do you get them to emboss so well? It doesn't seem to work for me when I try it

Susan:  the Michaels near-ish me...30 minutes away...looks like its doing away with their scrapbooking department.  Every time I go in there they have less and less space dedicated to the craft.  Maybe it just doesn't sell well here.  :(  We don't have a JoAnns near me.  Hobby Lobby also has less and less of the scrap supplies I want.  I tend to shop Amazon.  I have checked prices between Scrapbook.com and Amazon and if they have the same thing, Amazon is alway less plus free shipping.  I just ordered the stars on Amazon.  They'll be here on Friday. ;-)  I'm good with that.  I use stars a LOT in my scrapping.  

Orlando, these are watercolor paper so they are thick, but I also put 3 dryer sheets under. I had seen a trick to put them under when trying to do intricate cuts because it pulls out the pieces, and I thought the thickness would help.

I couldn't figure out how to get my note with my photo.  I am a bit techno challenged.  ;-)  The above photo is how I store my thinlets, etc.  ;-)  

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