We have an upcoming trip to WDW and I am interested in the trading pins but have absolutely no idea how this works. Can anyone offer some insight please?

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I think its a new thing, Michelle. Also there were no pins for Maelstrom at all - not even like a norway pin with a little maelstrom in the corner. They said there was one and didn't know if they would be getting more in so its probably a ebay thing. I also noticed alot of interest in the sorcerers hat pins at DHS but I have one from when it was MGM, so I didn't even thing to get another with DHS on it and now I am kicking myself.

Here are my other new pins. The two on the right were a mystery box and I think I may already have that RnRC pin


You got some great new pins, love the haunted mansion one, super cute! We always eat at chef mickey's on are last day, but if have never thought to get a pin! I'll have to put that one on my list of pins to get. I really like the holidays are swell one to! Great pins Susan!

Ooh, I especially love the Caribbean Beach one!  So cute!  

You have totally different pins from what I got!  I always find it so interesting what people pick.  There are so many pins to choose from, which is why I love collecting them!  But I also did not get a hat pin.....didn't know they were doing away with it until just after we arrived home!  They will be collector items for sure! 

That Chef Mickey's is cute, as is the Mickey holidays ornament!

Great collection of pins. Love the CBR one that opens.

I like the Expedition Everest one too. We have a few for that ride but not the same one as yours.

yeah, I had to get the EEverest pin because it was my first time to ride it. I already have some great ToT pins or I would have gotten one for my first time on that too. I had to get a 2014 pin and I just didn't want that spinner one. This one seemed best to me. I have tried to get that Chef Mickey pin for a long time and kept putting it off because its not much of a pin - they could have done better. Still its a tradition so I got it. The mystery pins were just fun because its a surprise. I totally loved so many of the holiday pins and wanted more. There was a funny yoda santa one. I will find a photo and share at some point. I just wish I could have gotten a F&Wine one. Maybe I can trade online for one  some day.

Susan, Love your holiday pins! They are so cute. That was really sweet of the CM to give you a special pin to brighten your day. It didn't even occur to me to get a hat pin at DHS. I did make sure we got one last picture there. We are going back at the end of January so we may see them taking it down.

Kathy, we had a great trip and wonderful weather. It was too crowded but that is the norm anymore.

here is a photo of all of the pins I got and it has the hidden mickey pins that I traded for. The UK pin is a real pin and so is the Lucifer pin but the others are all fakes and I got them from CMs! I just liked them so I got them. The Star Tours pin is neat because its  a Fast Pass and my son collects Star Wars pins so I got him that one.

So I have been reading up on pin trading and it seems that a lot of pins on the CMs lanyards are now fakes. Has anyone had that experience. I think Susan put that she's got a few fakes off CMs when she was last at WDW. I just don't want the boys to get caught out

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