We have an upcoming trip to WDW and I am interested in the trading pins but have absolutely no idea how this works. Can anyone offer some insight please?

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Hey Jody,


Well, here's what I know about Pin Trading....


1)  You can usually buy pin trading lanyard sets at the parks that have duplicates on them (2 of each pin)....

2)  Wear the lanyard, and when you find a CM with pins on, you can approach them, and ask them if they'd let you trade....they will say YES...

3)  You can partake in the trading process....just know that they will want something that looks pretty equal in type before they will trade...in other words, for those who buy pins in bulk off of EvilBay and take them to trade with...some of those pins are small and they are gonna be leary of trading a largish pin for a small one that you may offer....unless of course you throw in more than one...lol...

4)  Sometimes, you'll find another person who is willing to trade...especially around the Pin Trading "hut" at Downtown Disney.  They're over by the Earl of Sandwich...you can't miss them...the traders will have thick "books" full of pins...but those folks do some "serious" trading....they're die hards and can be pretty intimidating.  I'm of the mind set that it never hurts to ask...the worst they can do is say "No thanks"....  :)

5)  Trade for what you LIKE....for example, I collect the Bear Pins, and the Villains...and Chip & Dale....all my faves....

6)  Have fun!!  Don't stress....and don't let one "rough" experience, turn you off completely....


Hope that helps,



Thanks Frank very helpful :)

oh and the CMs wear blue and green lanyards - adults can only trade on the blue lanyards and kids can trade with both colors.


I only trade with Cast Members, its just easy, fast, and stress free. I do buy lots on ebay before going. its a great deal. I buy the lot that is 25 pins for $50 and its well worth it. It usually has alot of hidden mickey pins too, if you like that sort of pin. I collect park and ride pins, also special event pins like 40th anniv., and Pirate Pins.


***Most important: go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buy a bag of those pin backs that are gold circle shaped, they hold MUCH better than the rubber mickey shaped pin backs. you are much less likely to lose your pins. If you have very special pins on your lanyard that you know you won't be trading put a locking back on those. You can get them anywhere pins are sold in the parks but they are a bit expensive compared with the gold circle kind at craft stores. The locking backs are attached usimg a tiny allen wrench and you have to make sure not to lose it. Personally I prefer to have special pins inside a zipped pocket in my camera bag and I wear the pins I am going to trade. But I have lost about 3 pins from using the mickey backs and one had a gold back I think. Here is a photo of the 3 different backs. The gold are great for pins that you plan to trade because they are easy to take off. The tube looking one is the locking back and you can not easily take it off for trading. But if you are going to put a nice pin on a hat or something, the locking backs are great for that too.


I want to go pin trading now!!!!

I soooo forgot to mention the locking pin backs....we live by those...we usually buy an extra pack to bring home, on our way out of the parks before heading home...


I never realized that they only let adults trade off of the blue lanyard....just never paid that much attention....lol...so that's good info to have...

yeah, and I am always wishing I had a kid under 10 with me. LOL! What kind of lanyard do you guys have? I have the black normal width one with the pirates skulls on it. I wanted a Million Dreams one but never got one from a CM. I also thought about getting one of those wide ones but I thought it might get uncomfortable since I have the lanyard and a neoprene camera strap on my neck the whole week. 


Just added a photo above of the backs.

here is my pin organizer. I keep it at home

OMG....I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag....that is soooo me....it has buckles, as opposed to velcro (which I personally can't stand on a bag)...


We have the black straps that have the multicolored mickey heads on them....and yes, I understand the child thing...lol....


Avoid the wide lanyards...those straps chafe...trust me...same with the wide camera straps....we bought the Disney ones, and they chafe....

So...can you trade lanyards with the CMs too? I actually did buy some pins from Evilbay as Frank refers to it and then I felt wrong for doing so until I saw that you do the same thing Susan LOL so thanks for that. I also thought I would incorporate some of them into my scrapbook pages. I got 25 pins for $17.00! Woot Woot!
Why don't you post pictures of your lanyards and pins, I would like to see them. Susan, I have seen your pin book at twopeas. What a good idea and the photos were great, I thought I was looking at the actual pins at first.

no, you cant trade lanyards. Oh great deal!  be sure to take a little smash book or at least a note book to write down the stories of your trades. Sometimes its quite exciting when you find a special one. My lanyard has nothing on it right now because after my trips I put them in this organizer where they are nice and safe.


here are my pirate pins

and here are the disneyland pinsand these are blurry but you get the idea - my haunted mansion pins, resort pins, and the set of 4 park pins. I will post the others later.


How fun. I can't wait to go now! Love the pirate pins.



Wowsers that's an awesome pin collection you have there, Susan.

We enjoy pin trading too. We started while on our second trip and we got a few for all of us. We just have the regular 1" lanyards. My daughter's is the aqua blue one, mine is soft purple, and my son's is a black/yellow Lego one that we got at Legoland. They're all full, well mostly. My son doesn't get into it as much as my daughter and I do. We've gotten a couple of neat ones. I traded with a CM for a neat one from Disneyland Paris. Then we have a few with hidden Mickey's too. It's fun to see which new ones come out each year.

Oh how cool to have one from paris! 2 of my boys have lanyards and pins but last time we went Alex wouldn't trade anymore since his other brother was there and didn't get the concept. He thought it was too dorky to pin trade at 15 years old. He regretted it when he got home. He has a nice collection though.

The thing is that we do not buy pins very often. I have a few collectors pins and special ones that I just had to have. Most of these were traded for so I am missing alot of rides. Perry bought me that HUGE Haunted Mansion pin with the glow in the dark ghosts when he was on a work trip in Orlando and went to Downtown Disney. I would have rather had 4 normal pins but its pretty cool.


Here are my MK pins (minus Haunted Mansion because its up there^)


and here are epcot and mgm(DHS)

and Animal kingdom

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