Top 9 Resort Lobbies According to DisDining.com- What's YOUR fave?

We've seen all of these lobbies and they are stunning! We've actually stayed at 5 of these 9 resorts, and saw the lobbies of the others when we went to their signature restaurants for dinner. The Grand Floridian lobby is my fave- especially at Christmas when the massive tree and gingerbread house are there!

Which lobby is your fave? 


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Ok I have not been to all of them but my first thought was that they have Yacht Club rather than Beach Club. Yes they are similar but I liked Beach Club better because it felt more open. Also now I am mad that I didn't get photos with the globe at yacht club and didn't look close enough. It was nice just more closed in to me and that resort was completely silent and very empty when we were there. 

I haven't been to all of them and the Grand Floridian is gorgeous during the holidays but the hero tree wasn't up yet so I didn't get the full effect. I loved the old Poly lobby. I am hoping that I will like the new one too. Perry loves the Contemporary and I will say that there is something very special about it. I don't think I could take a trip without going in there at least once.

But the most special lobby was that first day in the All Star Movies Lobby. I know I told you Nancy, already. When we went and stayed on property that first time, we walked inside and Daddy was as giddy as he gets when we used to get out of the car at Disneyland. It really is like having a hotel in the park and the staying on property thing hit me immediately so I will always remember that.  I scrapped that one.  http://disneyscrappers.ning.com/photo/check-in-all-star-movies?cont...

I also love the pools!!! Of course Beach Club wins, with Poly and Caribbean Beach close behind but I think I would love AofA too and cant wait to see that. We even loved All Star Movies pool.

Wilderness Lodge and AKL are my favorites by far! I am miffed about the Poly changes but trying to keep an open mind until I see it for myself. Loved the waterfall in the old lobby...

Yep I agree about the poly!
I love how they are all superbly themed to the style of the hotel, I think if I had to choose favourites it would have to be AKL or GF , they are just stunning to me.

Wilderness Lodge is my favorite. I just love to sit and relax with a cup of tea or coffee.

I have to go with Animal Kingdom Lodge ... I love that place.

I also love Animal Kingdom Lodge and the Grand Californian!  

ok I clearly need to get over to Wilderness Lodge and AK Lodge! 

I agree, I love AK lodge.

Yes, they are beautiful. 

susan stringfellow said:

ok I clearly need to get over to Wilderness Lodge and AK Lodge! 

I don't have a favorite because I haven't actually seen them, but I have the GF, AKL and WL on my list of must sees based on photos I have seen.

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