Ok I know some of you have seen this very talented scrappers pages on Pinterest, but I recently discovered she has a new kit club for pixie dust loving people like us and I wanted to share. Her name is Andrea Bethke. I just talked her into joining our site :)

I am a big fan of her blog here: https://andreabethke.com/lifeasafairytale/   just take a scroll thru to see how cute it is.  She has some printables and sketches too. Regardless of your style, go look thru, it will make you smile.

VISIT  the club here: https://andreabethke.com/thefairytaleclub  

This is the page she added recently and it is for a sketch on her blog. Her style is bright and cheerful and so very disney fairytale.  But look at how she incorporated doodles too. I need to up my game. I know several of you draw. ;)

I contacted Andrea because I wanted to post this here for you guys and she told me about an event that she will be having AT DISNEYLAND. I so wish I could go. Its to launch the new kit club and I don't know if any of you guys can go but I had to share. https://andreabethke.com/events/

 They also had an scrapbooking event at Disneyland and may do it again in the future so if you are a local, check it out



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Looks like fun!  Can't wait to see where this goes.  

Hmm I may have to look into joining once we move.

Yay! Thank you for sharing one of my Disney layouts! Here is a look at a layout made with my new Disney inspired kit club, The Fairytale Club kit!!! :-) 

oh that pink zig zag on the edge is wonderful. Love the paper you matted this with. Your doodling is impressive.

I have to ask where you got your ears. They are fantastic!

don't you wish you could ride in those swan boats that used to be there?

You need to do a kit with powder blue - the cinderella blue. Its a really difficult color to find.

ok I just went and peeked around and found the Fairytale club blog and I love seeing the ways the kit was used and also watching some of the videos. I think there is some cinderella blue in this collection with the other blues. I want that june kit so badly that I am trying to decide if I need the May kit. I do not have much girly to scrap and all of the colors in my photos from WDW are so not pretty, but man I want the girl kit too. It looks very Disneyland and I am going in the fall - of course it will be very orange then.

Now I have to ask if you think you might do a themey October kit ? because I would LOVE your style in a fall at Disneyland way!

well.... I caved and just got the paper for the may kit. I just know I am going to want the whole june kit.

Love your style!! I definitely have to go check out the kits
I caved too Susan and ordered the May Kit. Also while checking out her blog, I was loving her layouts using Citrus Twist kits so I went to that website and ordered a kit to try out. Can't wait to get my new goodies!
Oh how fun, Casey!

I'm so happy you love our kit club so much Susan !!! And I can't wait to see what you make with your Fairytale Club goodies!!! Yaaay! :-)  And yes, there will be an October kit  in October that has lots of fun fall and halloween stuff that is Disney inspired!  Yaaaay! 

Omgosh I just got my papers only kit and I have to tell you guys that is actually real pale blue and turquoise, not teal or aqua like every single other collection available today. It has real cherry red like minnie mouse wears. Really really love the watercolor papers and the quality of the papers is really nice. I can not wait to use them but since I know I will be hording the papers with this blue in them I will probably use them sparingly. LOL!

Andrea - the shirt I have on in my avatar photo is that same blue turquoise and I have a ton of photos that day because it was my 50th bday. So I have been looking for that color everywhere.

WOOHOO for a fall collection! Cant wait!

I got my kit the other day and love it! I was a little worried it might be too girly for my taste but its going to work with quite a few of my photos. Once we are moved and settled I am going to have to sign up for the monthly kits!

Exactly my reaction Casey.

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