Do you ever feel like people just don't get it?   Or do you think that they think we're weird because we love Disney so much?

I, mistakenly, got into a conversation with a few women on a discussion board and they were complaining that a ticket is almost $100.   I was like "but if you go for over 4 days, then the cost barely goes up by day" and they responded by saying they'd be lucky if they even went one day!   OMG, how could they only go one day?   This does not compute in my brain!   But even so, do they really think that a ticket is $100, so if you went for a week it would cost $700????

Don't get me wrong, I know that some of us go for shorter trips based on circumstances, but it just doesn't make sense to me that someone would be in Florida and wouldn't want to go.   One of the ladies has a son living in Orlando and she doesn't go.    (blows my mind).    


I had to come here to chat about it because I needed to be around people who truly understood.   It takes a Disney fanatic to know one.   

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I completely understand not only the shock but the need to vent to those that understand.  Three of us were headed to Orlando years back for a scrapbook expo and as we passed the exit for WDW myself and my friend in the back seat sighed.  The passenger admitted her boys had never been to WDW and didn't plan to.  Well we were shocked and I asked how could you not have taken them even as babies.  She said didn't  understand the attraction and how expensive it was.  The conversation lasted for about 15 when she said that we were attacking her and making her feel like a bad mom for never taking her kids there!

  Of course, I apologized b/c i wasn't trying to be mean i just wanted to understand her and have her understand us "fanatics".  We finally had to agree to disagree b/c she has no desire to go.  I'm hesitant to bring up Disneyland now that her youngest lives in CA and has her first grandchild due in May. LOL

Wow Beth, that is an awesome Disney memory!  I take to many photos and have missed stuff too.  I didn't take as many photos last summer for that reason.  Sometimes I just want to live the moment, not capture it on camera.  

My husband is not 100% on it either but knows how much it makes me and the kids happy.  He has gotten better the more we go too.  It helps to not OVER schedule each trip. My younger two are getting older and don't have the same magic in their eyes.  I want to keep going with them as long as they want to!  

On our summer trip we have 5 other extended family members going.  They have gone before but "never" the way we have.  They never did character meals, seen all the different parades, mapped out their days, went to several parks in one day, eaten a Dole Whip etc.  They never did all the things a typical obsessive Disney lover does! It is a trip scheduled only so the 5 cousins can be together.  I'm excited but nervous too.  We have 4 days alone beforehand so it should be fine.

I certainly hope it doesn't get old hat to me!

If definitely helps not to over schedule when my husband is along. He hates to have an itinerary while on vacation. He just wants to go with the flow. Not always possible on a Disney trip, but since we had been there 4 other times I didn't feel the need to schedule a lot of stuff because we already knew what we could skip and what we wanted to do. 


DH was talking about driving to South Florida to visit his extended family.

He said "WE ARE NOT going to Disney" I said "Maybe we could just stay one night at Ft Wilderness?" LOL

I have a secret weapon now that his favorite cousin is an Annual Passholder :)

HOW could he drive to Disney from Colorado and NOT go to Disney??? Tell him you'll fly out a couple days early and he can pick you up at the park when he gets there!!! LOL!

We've driven through before without stopping. He's a native Floridian, he has magic control powerws or something.

Hey Merrick, I hope that magic control power is not catchy!   I'd never want my husband to catch that, that's just crazy! ;)

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