I have had several people ask me things like:

    "How can I pull up all of the photos of Splash Mountain in the gallery?"

    "How can I see all of the layouts for Disney Challenge #5?"

    "Is there a way to see all of the Disneyland layouts?"


Well the answer to this issue is easy. There are two ways to search. 

The easiest way to search is using the little search bar above the images in the gallery and it will allow you to search for words used in layout titles and descriptions. So if you we all use key words in our description boxes, we will be able to find the layouts quite easily. I have added a list of codes below to use for the park locations.


The second way is Tagging. When you post your layout there is a box for tags. It would be great if you would just add a few key words here, seperated by commas. I have not found the best way to search by tags but when you have a tag under a photo, you can click on it to see all of the related tags.

***Just so we are all on the same page here, Please use

DLR - Disneyland Resort,

DCA - Disneys California Adventure,

WDW - Disney World,

MK - Magic Kingdom,

EP - Epcot,

DHS - Disney Hollywood Studios,

AK - Animal Kingdom,

TL - Typhoon Lagoon,

BB -Blizzard Beach,

DD - Downtown Disney. 

DC - Disney Cruises

ABD - Adventures By Disney , if you have been that lucky :)

DLP - Disneyland Paris

***For challenges just put the number of the challenge with NO NUMBER SIGN.


For example if you tag like this we have 4 categories where this page will show up:

WDW, MK, Space Mt, 5

Meaning DisneyWorld, Magic Kingdom, Space Mt, Challenge #5 


If you have not used any tags and would like to go back and add them, it's surprisingly simple. I just started adding some to my pages this morning.

1. open the window with your layout, Right click the button at the top that says options, this will open a drop down menu

2. click "edit your tags" and it will give you a box to type them in.

Here is a screen capture of what it looks like:

* If you have any questions, I will certainly try my best to answer them :)



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Adventures by Disney?  ABD?

Yes, thanks I will add that when I get back to my pc

Also, now that the NSD challenges are closed, remember to go back and tag all your layouts or future layouts with NSD1, NSD2, NSD3, etc. 

I put a line at the bottom of each NSD thread that if people want to see more inspiration from that layout to search the gallery with those tags.

Thanks, Susan!!

sorry, I meant to say that if you have a two-word tag, then you need to put it on quotations, NOT parenthesis.

Me again, Susan!  How about a tag for Aulani?   AL  or AU?????

On another site I am on that uses the NING base, when we have two word strings in a title, we have them post it without a space, which seems to work.    So for Space Mountain, if you type it SpaceMountain, it will 'stick together' and make the search easy!

susan stringfellow said:

Nancy - I really don't know how that works. I have been fighting with trying to find or install a way to search for tags.

Susan, tag for Aulani?

And now that we are in 2013, with another set of challenges that are the same numbers as last year, do we still tag challenge #5 as 5, or should we include the year?

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