This is the spot to talk about snacks and desserts of all kinds

Tell me what I must have on my next trip and what to avoid.

Cake, cupcakes, mousses, ice cream, candy, popcorn, .....

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at satu'li, in pandora there is a very photographic dessert the Na'vi Cheesecake

I really want to try the sticky toffee pudding at the Rose and Crown


Sticky Toffee Pudding -Review: Rose & Crown Restaurant’s New Menu | the disney food blog

also rose and crown jaffa tarts

Rose and Crown - the Jaffa Tarts -The house-made Cakes are small domes of Spongecake with Orange Cream (Jaffa is a kind of orange), covered in Ganache.

That caramel popcorn is terribly addicting - everything there is so good! I still need to scrap those photos - maybe something for the list for tomorrow's scrap plans!

and I have several photos from there as well and no clue how to scrap that color. Germany is tricky

I saw those on your Pinterest Susan and they look good.

I'm going to write a list of snacks to try by park :)

If you guys don't get the daily emails from DisneyFoodBlog, you really should.
Check out this snack!!!


ok you have to read this review of the 3 new giant sundaes in EP's futureworld.


and although I want one right now and my brain is saying get that apple one next time you go!!! I know I won't because there is no reason to eat such boring snacks as this when you are in epcot and could be having school bread the hot ice cream brioche in france or the maple creme brulee in canada.

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