There are just so many yummy snack options in both the Disneyland and WDW resorts. Susan started a thread for snacking in WDW, so let's have a spot where we can share snack reviews and photos regarding Disneyland Resort specifically. (Tami, I expect you to weigh in heavily here since you are the resident DL expert!)   

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A few things from DCA

Of course, my Malibu Mocha Frappe (I always ask for extra espresso) can now be found again at Schmoozies in Hollywood Land.

The Bacon Cheddar Popcorn from the cozy cone, (which was very good!) and Kristin already showed this but it is Doc’s Wild Grape Tonic (Sprite with Wild Grape Syrup and Wild Berry Foam). All of the drinks at the cozy cone have this flavored foam on them.  It was like all the rage the summer of 2012.  Flavored foam.  Anyway, they all seemed very sweet to me, but it was July 4th and it was unbearably hot so things that are often not that sweet seem extra sweet in the heat. KWIM? I need to give this all another try when it is cooler.

The churro bites from the Cozy Cone with chocolate dipping sauce.  This one was just way too sweet for me.  I'm a churro lover, but these were doused in sugar and then with the additional chocolate it was just too much.  Again, it was like 110 degrees, so I probably should try them again sometime, but they were sweet.

As you can see, I'm not a big snacker while at DCA.  I have heard that these Lobster nachos at the Cove Bar next to Ariel's Grotto are amazing though.

One last entry for today is the 24 layer Chocolate Cake from Steakhouse 55.  Killer.  Seriously!  And you can take it home.  I snacked on that thing off and on for a week.  It just gets better with age if you keep it sealed.

You are making me so hungry!!!

Ooh, the fried pickles sound interesting. I don't drink coffee drinks and only want sweets once in a while, but I love a cold coke and savory snacks. My H loves the giant carmel apples around DLR. He always buys one on our last day to take home. I've never tried a Disney churro since I can get a $1 one Costco, I just can't spend the extra $ to try one at Disney, are they really better? Lol

Disneyland churros are better than any churro anywhere, in my opinion, and I'm not a huge churro fan!

ok people, we all know about the gorgeous Matterhorn Macaroon, but check out this epic remix! definitely on my list for the fall trip! And on my photos to take list :)


That looks good, Susan!

We tried the Bacon Mac and Cheese Cone in Carsland - not good. It was disappointing!

My favorite is the cream cheese pretzel at Coca Cola on Main Street. Delicious!

The Jolly Holiday Bakery has a lot of great treats; everything I taste tested on a girl's trip was phenomenal.

Dole Whips are a must too - so refreshing on hot days!

I want a cream cheese pretzel now please. :)

I am looking forward to the Jolly Holiday bakery.

Thanks for the tip about the bacon mac n cheese. I am so used to planning my food for the trip and since the food is so very different at DLR, its been interesting. Their counter service is not like WDW food. Everyone says there are lots of bread bowls and that the macaroni and cheese are a big deal when I look up things on boards. To me that isn't usually what you would have for a meal. Not that I don't like them, just not used to it. I cant wait to go

I just love to snack around Disneyland and California adventure...I love the lobster roll in critter country, Monte Cristo at Cafe Orleans...and my favorite at the honey bear cafe is the fried green tomato sandwich..it out of the way and they have sweet potato fries...and sweets!! On the California side the food is okay at Flo's dinner...but just sitting there and watching everything is just the best place to be..and I love all the snacks at the cozy come...and the drinks are wonderful... red's apple freeze is super yummy!!
Kristin, I don't think they serve the fried green tomato sand at the Hungry Bear anymore. But I think they moved it to either the chowder place at Fowler's Harbor or the French Market. No idea if it is the same or not.

several people have told me to have that monte cristo. I normally don't want that much fried, but I may have to have that. I hear the Reds freeze is the same as LeFou's brew so I have to have that. I didn't have time to get it at MK.

ugghh. Dieting now to be able to do all of that is killing me. And then there are the October treats! I have to have that cupcake in the pumpkin mug and the Snow White Caramel apple!

I am sad to hear about the fried green tomato sandwich...I just like going to the hunny bear cafe because it is a little out of the way and you can sit and rest for a bit and see the paddle boat and the canoes go by.

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