There are just so many yummy snack options in both the Disneyland and WDW resorts. Susan started a thread for snacking in WDW, so let's have a spot where we can share snack reviews and photos regarding Disneyland Resort specifically. (Tami, I expect you to weigh in heavily here since you are the resident DL expert!)   

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So this is one of my fave Disneyland snacks, although it is filling enough to be a full meal. This is the "Creamy Clam Chowder" in a sourdough bread bowl from the Royal Street Veranda counter service restaurant. Just sooooooo good! 

I originally stuck this review I found online in the WDW snack thread, but it really should go on this thread for snacking in Disneyland. (Don't miss reading Tami's response below this review)

From the Disney Food Blog:

The Fried Apple Burrito

So I have not had one of these, because they are apparently only available in the fall at the Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Carnival at Disneyland. but the food blog I read about these on says:

"Reminiscent of the old school McDonald’s fried apple pies (you know, before they healthy’d em up and started baking them), this super yummy Fried Apple Burrito is basically an apple pie chimichanga. 

For $6.00 you will be served a piping hot, crispy, generously portioned tube of fried apple awesomeness.

The inside is loaded with a hot apple pie center; lots of soft apple chunks mixed with a tiny bit of holiday spice.  Trust me when I say you will not regret the purchase of this situation. SO good."

Tami's response:

"Sadly, I did try these because I LOVE apple burritos from the apple festival near my home town.  They are delicious!

But the apple burritos from the BTR Jamboree were absolutly horrible.  They were nothing like the old McDonald's apple pies.  So bad I threw it away after a few bites. It was not crispy.  It was greasy and soggy and it was so incredibly disappointing.  Unlike the blog reviewer, I did regret spending the $6."

I have never had one of these burritos, but I feel very confident with Tami's food review, so per her recommendation, I doubt I will ever bother to try one. :)

My favorite DL snack is a simple classic - the churro. You can get them many other places, but they always taste better at Disneyland.

My husband and I are also fans of the Matterhorn Sundae at Carnation Cafe. Not sure if they still have it?

I had the gumbo in the bread bowl and it was really good. Not the authentic gumbo you find in NOrleans but still good and very filling. I also had the fritters which are kind of like beignets and they were soooo good.

 My fave snack will always be the Dole Whip at Disneyland.

has anyone had this? and is it still in Disneyland? because I love the photo and next time I go I would totally have one just because I think it might be the coolest snack creation ever!

Its the Matterhorn Macaroon from the Jolly Holiday Bakery - wait - isn't that in CA???


Love the soups in the bread bowls Nancy!  They have them in several locations, the Royal St. Veranda Gumbo spot, the Harbour Galley across from the exit of Haunted Mansion, and the Pacific Wharf Bakery in DCA. 

Susan, yes, they do still sell them, they are sweet but tasty and they are found in the Jolly Holiday Bakery.  It is located next to the Coca Cola Corner and the Dole Whip stand in the hub, facing, appropriately, the Matterhorn.  You can get coffee's, baked goods and light meals there as well.

Churros are my #1 Disneyland  snack!  I've been known to get two at one time. ;-P

I think with the refurbishment they did away with many of the traditional Carnation Cafe items, but it might still make an appearance.  You have to ask the server about the desserts as I guess they change.  We are always too full from the loaded baked potato soup to have dessert though. LOL!

Valerie S. said:

My favorite DL snack is a simple classic - the churro. You can get them many other places, but they always taste better at Disneyland.

My husband and I are also fans of the Matterhorn Sundae at Carnation Cafe. Not sure if they still have it?

Once place we never eat is The Hungry Bear restaurant.  Mainly because it used to just be a hamburger joint.  They have changed their ways and now have lots of healthy options and yummy desserts. Sweet potato fries are good as is the lemon bumblebee cupcake in the center.  I was tempted to try the strawberry tart, but exercised self control for once.

These two drinks were in Carsland at the cozy cones...

Red's Apple Freeze (100% frozen apple juice with Red’s special flavoring topped with a hint of toasted marshmallow flavor, and passion fruit-mango foam; quickly becoming a favorite!)

Doc's Wild Grape Tonic (Sprite with wild grape syrup and wild berry foam)

These were super yummy!!!

Boysen Apple Freeze, Fantasy Faire, Disneyland park – The newest treat, and we said “Boysen apple,” not “poison apple,” Snow White! Icy and apple-juice sweet with a hint of wild berry and passion fruit foam topping. I ran over and got these while we were waiting in line!!!

Just yummy....everyone shared this while we were waiting for the fireworks!!!

We tried the cheddar cheese popcorn and for sure the fun cup is a must!!! we still have it and he plays with it all the time with his cars!!!

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