I went through all my scrapbook layouts yesterday as I was changing over to binder type albums. I've been exclusively scrapping Disney World layouts for several years now and had not even looked through my DD's album. There were a few cringe worthy layouts LOL! For some reason I don't feel compelled to redo any of them the way I do with my craptastic Disney layouts. Weird. Anyhow.....I thought it would be fun to post our first scrapbook layouts.

Here is mine from 2001. It's very simple. I would have embellishments all over that page if I was going to redo it!

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Fun idea Beth, I have to find one of mine but will look.  I did my oldest DD 's book first and I asked her if she wanted me to do it over and she said "NO", she likes it as is.  OK then, ;-)

Here is my first layout that I did last July. I have thought about going back and redoing some of my first layouts because I look at them now and go what was I thinking!?!?! But at the same time I like seeing how I have grown as a scrapper so for now I think I will leave all the layouts as they are.
Grrrr it didn't attach my layout the first time

oh thats a great idea! I don't even know where my first ever layouts are but they were frightening! I would guess mine were from about 1996?  I will have to go digging in the other room but its alexs room at the moment and he wouldnt be too thrilled if I moved all his stuff to get at those book cases. 

I know that when I first started it was cheap flat cardstock in a multi pack and printing little images and cutting them out. No scrapbooking stores or sections in stores yet. I don't know if I kept any of that garbage. LOL!

OH And remember deckle scissors! eek! or cutting people out of photos. wow. yeah, it was bad.

Susan--I found a cut out photo of my DD discarded in a photo album a few years ago. Thankfully, I decided NOT to scrap that cutout onto a page. LOL!

I remember scrapping the layout that I posted on this thread. My DH helped me with the layout because I wanted to use  the Cyrillic alphabet to write our DD's name on the layout (it's a Slavic name...it's not pronounced the same way that Danica Patrick pronounces her first name). I had NO idea how to spell it that way!

Here's my very first scrapbook page. A trip to WDW in March 2000 with  my cousin, her husband and son is why I started scrapbooking. I didn't want to have to stand there and tell the same stories over and over as people flipped through my photos. LOL.

I resisted scrapping up till then because I didn't like the silhouette photos and sticker sneezes that were the trend then. So I decided to do my own thing. Straight lines, lots of journaling and a little embellishing. I used my cardmaking stash for paper and tools and pens. I still like this page a lot and wouldn't change it - even with the deco scissor photo mats! I was so proud of myself for decorating that plane die cut. 

Shortly after this trip, I found 2Peas and from there a lady on my street who was hosting crops. As I walked to the door and saw the CM sticker I got scared. I read those horror stories on 2Peas about CM and their attitude toward "contraband." Luckily the CM rep was super nice. I did cause a bit of a stir for using all black pages for a Disney album. Didn't I know those were supposed to be for heritage photos? 

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