I thought I would pin a thread here where we could share links to our non-Disney layouts. I know I need all the inspiration I can get so leave a comment and add a link to your recent pages and we can go see them at your blog or other gallery and leave praise there.

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And with this layout I am officially caught up with marching band layouts. I won't start scrapping photos from this year's field show until the season is over.

This is a photo I took of Danica at her first WSMA State Marching Band Championships in 2014. I don't know what happened with the setting on my camera. Everyone but Danica is out of focus. At first I was mad at myself when I saw the photo, but then I decided it was kind of a cool effect. The photo was taken right after they performed their field show "Emerald." They ended up taking first place in Class AA making it their 10th consecutive state title. I used Simple Stories "Life in Color" which is a line that I really love.

I've been working on a bunch of non-Disney layouts lately. Here's a few of my favorites. :)

This one is the Japanese restaurant one I was telling you guys about. The embellies were perfect! 

This one I used one of Susan's sketches and some Simple Stories papers and elements. And today Simple Stories pinned it on their Pinterest page. They sent me a message letting me know....how cool is that!?!?

I've been working on a ton of other pages too...you can check out my sb.com gallery here to see the rest. http://www.scrapbook.com/myplace/index.php?mod=galleries

Love these Janeen

Well done on being pinned on the Simple Stories pinterest page.

I can't find your layouts on the link you gave (could just be me)

Beth, I love the photo of your daughter in focus and the rest blurred out, I try to do that on purpose sometimes:-).

Lovely layouts!

I finally got the Coastal stack from DCWV and created my first layout with it. It's such a pretty collection!!!

Here are a few of the wedding layouts I've done recently...

WOW!!! How did I miss all of these! So many gorgeous layouts. I love the layouts you guys are doing with multiple photos but still having a really pretty page.

Love that photo, Beth, and congrats on being caught up! If I ever go back and scrap some band for the guys, I will be looking at your layouts

Janeen, your pages always look so fun and so well put together. I just love that beach photo of you with the board!

Tanya...wow. GORGEOUS! First off, you are just stinking cute and that bouquet is gorgeous. I never wanted my anniversary during the holidays because my birthday is too close already, but this makes me wish we had a holiday wedding. We both love the holidays. You did very well working with that tough background on the last layout. I have noticed you doing that lately and its something I struggle with.

Thanks, Susan! I absolutely love Christmas, and growing up always wanted a holiday wedding, but the snow and cold make it difficult in Canada. Being in San Diego now made it much more feasible! Mom used to do wedding bouquets, so I think I drew upon the times I helped her when I made the bouquet. You can't see them, but there was a chain of charms that symbolized my Grandma, Guido (Gratndpa in Ukrainian), and Mom within it. That was three years ago, as of Dec 16. Time flies!

This layout has the lyrics from Tangled's "I See The Light", so Disney, but not Disney, as it has a wedding photo on it. That song always makes me think of the journey that brought Tom and I together, so I just had to include it, as well as a lantern (printed it on vellum, then used a gold pen to change the colour).

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