I thought I would pin a thread here where we could share links to our non-Disney layouts. I know I need all the inspiration I can get so leave a comment and add a link to your recent pages and we can go see them at your blog or other gallery and leave praise there.

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I have been very busy the last few days and have a few that are non disney but most were disney so they are in the gallery.

Even Now Layout: http://creativelysavvy.blogspot.com/2012/07/even-now.html

At the Lakehouse layout: http://creativelysavvy.blogspot.com/2012/07/at-lakehouse-echo-park-...

Crochet layout: http://creativelysavvy.blogspot.com/2012/07/crochet.html

Susan, I love your Lakehouse Layout - thats lovely!

here's a page that I just finished and there is a step by step for easy chevrons


I just used one of your sketches Susan, and produced this for my club at the weekend.

Ah just saw the bit at the top of this thread - I posted the image as I dont have a blog, but I can see that is probably a bit of a pain.  I shall have to think of another way:-).

oh no this is fine if you don't have a blog! I love the photos but that paper you used is gorgeous - who is it from?

It is Carta Bella Beautiful Moments - heres a link http://www.cartabellapaper.com/collections_beautiful.html

This is the kit with the 6x6 papers that I am working on for my club on Saturday.  It has been good to try some different things:-).

Oh really? I haven't gotten my hands on any yet but I have some of their cardstock in white, ivory, and kraft and its nice stuff.

I have alot of layouts that use little shapes and I have often used 6x6 and made them look like long strips by putting them behind things so I have 6" sticking out one direction and 6" the other way and it comes off as a full strip.

Beautiful stuff!

Here is the layout I've been working on for over a month.  Its taken so long primarily due to time restrictions with my new job but also because I had a hard time with it in my head.  The McKinley & Jack side is my version of Sketch Savvy #92 and the other side was inspired by Sketch Savvy #91.  Thank you Susan for sharing your talents with us.  You make my scrapping life so much easier! 

This is from our trip to Talkeetna, Alaska on 15 June 2012.  Mt. McKinley is so tall...sea level at the base to how ever tall it is...that she has her own weather pattern and is usually shrouded in clouds.  She made a rare appearance this weekend for us.  I actually got even better photos of her the next morning and then the clouds rolled in and she was hidden again.  I always feel like all's well with the world when I can see her.  :D

We're obviously back-lit but McKinley is the real star of these photos. I just wanted to prove we were there.  ;-)

Wow Wendy, what a stunning view you have, love your 2page layout, the colours are perfect, great job x

Great layout and fantastic photos Wendy!

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