In 2001, in celebration of “100 Years of Magic” (100 years from Walt’s birth), a giant blue Sorcerer’s Hat appeared in Disney’s MGM Studios. (Sometimes referred to as the BAH)When the hat was first opened kiosks in the base celebrated the life of Walt Disney, but in 2003 these were removed (later replaced with Pin Trading Kiosks).  Some say its purpose was to “Disney-up” the area which previously didn’t have a lot of representation of Disney films. (We do know that this is how Sorcerer Mickey found his way into the Great Movie Ride – the original plan was for more Oz in the area that instead referenced Fantasia but Eisner felt there wasn’t enough Disney in the show.)

Photo by Tom Bricker from the Disney Tourist Blog

The original plan for the hat was that it would be DOUBLE the height AND its ears would have been two ferris wheels. (Walt hated Ferris Wheels, by the way) And the full display of One Man’s Dream would have been housed in the base.

In 2015, the Hat was removed from the park.

Were you a fan of the hat? Do you mourn its removal?

Here's a page from Wendy about the HAT:

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Hi Merrick Why was it referred to as the BAH please?

Big A$$ Hat

Oh I see LOL

Thank you

Thank you for honoring my layout!  Wow!  I seriously feel special!  

I love that page, Wendy!

I'm having fun peeking in the gallery for pages that relate to the topics I'm posting about. Not all of them will have a page to highlight (darn you, Frito Kid!)  but I figure we're a Disney scrapbooking site not just a Disney fan site -- so highlighting some of the fun pages in the gallery is a fun addition to the Everyday Magic forum, at least I hope other people think its fun :)

It is :)

I love seeing other people's layouts of Disney to see what papers they've used and different ways of approaching things

I loved the hat, but then, I love Sorcerer Mickey - it's a Fantasia thing for me! I missed seeing it on our May 2016 trip.

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