I know this should prob go in chat but the feature isnt working for me at the moment...

Based on some of your suggestions, I have planned themes for my first 20 pages...

I have quotes for all but 2 themes: park food and favorite attractions.

Opinions plz: would it be awkward if I were to do a title and list format for these two spreads, since the others will have title and quotes?

Suggestions: what are your fav quotes to use about food and rides/fun/excitment?



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I think a title and list makes total sense for park food and favorite attractions.
A quote from someone else won't have the same impact that a list of favorites when it comes to food and attractions.

And I guarantee that someone looking at your album will not say, "hey, wait a minute Lauren, where's the quote on this page? All the others had quotes!" LOL

I think lists are a great idea. Faves works for me so I am not one to ask about titles. TOP 10 works too.

I normally don't put many different items on one page because I take SOOOO many photos but I have done a list. This is my one and only list page

Gah! I love your layering! I have been looking for some clever ways to journal...I practiced drawing some banners like in bullet journals. Is that just a little spiral notebook that you used?! Love!

Oh that sounds very cute! Actually this is just patterned paper that looks like note paper. I punched holes across the top and then used the tip of my scissors to rip them as if they were a spiral

I actually own a punch that looks like paper torn out of a notebook lol
But for Disney pages I have a teeny tiny mouse head punch I like to use for the notebook paper look

LOL! Merrick I did that recently because I saved one of your pages.

That is a fun way to do it Merrick

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