This is a dumb question but I am trying to do scrapbook page and want to incorporate  this into my page. I am looking for a cut file (SVG) or I will make one of those sticks from the ride. The ones that are sticking out.  Don't even know if it will work but in my head it does!

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oh how fun! I don't have a cut file for those but I have this. I also had everything is satisfactual but I lost it.

I have something similar to that title thanks. I have so many svg files it's ridiculous. Thank you if you ever need anything let me know and I will gladly share it. A lot of my layouts I do a rough draft on my silhouette and save them  As well. Funny but weird, today I backed up my files I was just thinking I should will my Silhouette files to someone in case I die. My husband would delete them all.  I was laid off last year so I've been really oRganiZing all my files and scrapbook supplies. Been purging and have 4 boxes of stuff for the local scrapbook garage sale. I've been scrapping since 2002 so tons of stuff. Plus some dts I've been on were good and sent me supplies. Also I have a problem with buying scrapbook stuff lol

Oh about those branches I thought maybe they were called thistle but I googled that, that wasn't it.

I completely understand Donna. I have donated and had multiple garage sales and now I am down to a manageable amount. Maybe brambles?

THAT'S it, I would have never thought of that. I just googled it.

Thanks Susan!

In Brer Rabbit I think it was called the briar patch if that's any help

Makes sense Cris! Will check it out!

Yes! Briar Patch! He told Brer Fox he could do anything to him but please don't throw him in the briar patch! Such a sneaky rabbit! :-)
I couldn't find a good image online.

Thank you Tami, Well after all this my layout is done, and no briar patch :(

I tried but couldn't make it work, looked dumb so I went another route.
Thanks everyone

Would love to see it :)

I will have to get a pic and post it, not one of best. I put it in the gallery here http://disneyscrappers.ning.com/photo/splash-mountain-7?context=user

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