Ok I just got this and had to tell you guys the details. These photos are from my phone real fast so they are not ideal but you get the idea.  To be totally honest, I am not likely to use only these papers for a layout because I tend to want to add like vellum with gold or something or even mix and match collections, but there are some details here in these papers that I love and I wanted to point them out.

I am going to share a link to shopping because omg, check out the washi, flair, etc... Now that I have seen the colors in real life, I have to order again.

HERE IS A LINK TO "MAGIC" for shopping

I only have the papers and sticker sheet, but the red is a cherry red like Minnie actually is - not a rust red, and the blue is a sky blue - not aqua. Color is a big deal for me so I love that.

The honeycomb has patterns in the yellow and they are varied like dot, stiped, solid, and the viney pattern like in the red and white paper. Can I just say that I love that they remembered Pooh with this collection!  Ok those are hexagons, but in my head, they are honeycomb.

The other thing is that I am not a fan of patterned paper that has words on it but this word paper has words we will actually use.

Some of the words that I know I haven't seen before are thunder, churro, frontier, tiara, astro, main street, be our guest, wait times, trading, ... yeah so I will be using these. Might just cut them all up and put them in a little bowl on my desk for any layout I happen to be working on, even if its not this collection. 

here is the other side of the papers - oh I cut off the top of the castle blue paper and those long white sticks on the left have flags at the top like the top of the spires on the castle.

ok here is one of the flairs... I may have to have both packs

Queen and Company - Magic Collection - Flair - Two

and just one of the many washi tapes

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I like it! But it's that traditional Disney colour which is quite hard to use! I'm sure I wouldn't say no though.:)

yes, I agree Julia, but I have had a hard time finding this red and this blue so I had to have it for parts. Thats why I got some of the Say Cheese. ....well and just to get this honeycomb. LOL! 

I will have to look for this line next time I go to the LSS. Love the "honeycomb" paper and the words paper!

Oh I love those flair - I could definitely use those! I like the blue papers, but I may wait until I've used my say cheese papers before I buy any more red/yellow/black stash.
Oh i adore this .but like Julia says ,it can be difficult to use i struggle to match photos to black and red

I tend not to like the traditional Disney colors (red/balck/yellow/white) so this collection didn't really speak to me.  But the washi is super cute.  And I do like the idea of cutting up the sheet with all the words on it - the fact that CHURRO is one of the words really sells it for me, lol.

LOOK! I had to play with it right away and Minnie's Eye Shadow is the exact same blue! LOL!!! I haven't shared this anywhere else yet, I just had to show you guys! I added a ledger background and some gold, but all the rest is this Magic collection paper and stickers. I had to use the glove heart sticker!

Susan - you've made it look perfect as always! And, of course I'm definitely thinking that some of the blue paper might have to make its way into my stash!

yeah, its tough to find that blue. I may order an extra sheet of each too. I was cutting the piece carefully to put a strip under the top and bottom of the photo - that is not one whole rectangle. LOL! I was already hording it. The photo here shows it a bit stronger blue, its a bit softer in real life, more like the photo at the top.

OMG ...I love it all ...this is the cutest stuff ...I love all the different words that I can pull from it to use for titles on my pages ...so not good at that!!!

And those cards will be fabulous on my pocket pages Disney pages for sure!!!

Okay that sticker sheet alphabet ...love it also!!! And I could always use some more washi tape ...right!!!

I love how you changed the mickey to Minnie just with that bow!

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