HEY EVERYONE!!! Are you getting excited about our crop?

Stop in and say hello. Let us know if you plan to play along

A few chat questions:

1. When was your last park visit? and when is your next visit?

2. Are you digital, traditional, or Project life?

3. Who introduced you to DisneyScrappers

4. How many of our crops have you been involved with?

5. What is your current fave paper collection?

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ok here are my answers

1. last park visit was September and it was Disneyland. I am not sure when we will go next or even where. We talk about it alot.

2. Traditional but I have done both digital and PL. I am not good at those though.

3. Tami and I started DisneyScrappers after we met on 2Peas where she did the most amazing disney challenges

4. all of them :D

5. current fave.... I think it's a tie between Crate Paper Chasing Dreams and Oasis

oh and I will play along for almost the whole week of scrapping. My goal is always to do all of the challenges from the other girls since I have already done my challenges, but I have never finished all of them. This year I plan to do better.

1.  Last Disney World was February 2018 and last Disneyland was March 2018.  Next Disney World is 343 days and next Disneyland is November 2019.

2. Traditional for vacations, just starting Project Life for everyday scrapping.

3.  Google led me here when I was looking for inspiration!

4.  I want to say this may be my 4th? 

5.  Echo Park is my favorite line right now!

I can't wait to see the challenges!  I will be away when it starts, but will have our February trip printed and ready to scrap.  I think I will be gone the weekend it ends too, but hopefully during the week I can play.

1. When was your last park visit? and when is your next visit?

My last visit was to DLP last July for their 25th Anniversary. I haven't planned my next trip but I'm hoping it might be to Tokyo!

2. Are you digital, traditional, or Project life?

I mainly do traditional 12x12 layouts, but I also do the occasional project life page.

3. Who introduced you to DisneyScrappers

I found you on Instagram.

4. How many of our crops have you been involved with?

None, this is my first one!

5. What is your current fave paper collection?

Hmmm I'm in love with the new Crate Paper Here and There collection, which I'll be using to scrap my travels this summer!

I am VERY excited for the crop, as I love all the great challenges and getting pages done! 

Here are my answers:

1. Right now we are in San Diego and have passes, so we go monthly. Our next trip is this week, actually - two days with my MIL, as it is her birthday on Friday. We are doing 2 days at DL, then a day at Universal (also have passes there). We'll be moving to Colorado in June, so we won't be back until Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is completed.

2. I am a traditional scrapbooker, although do PL style stuff for our yearly album, December Daily, etc. I have done a few pocket page albums for trips, but not usually.

3. Hmmmm...I think I randomly ran across it online when searching for something, and there was a forum thread on hear about it. Maybe something about a Cricut function? 

4. All of them since joining - and I often go back to older challenges when wanting some inspiration!

5. Right now, I am trying to bust my stash and use up or get rid of things before we move in June, so my fave collection is the one gathering dust in our bedroom! ;) 

My goal for the crop is to complete all the challenges - I did that a few years ago, and it put a dent in the list of layouts that are needed for our trips. Hopefully this year can be as productive! If I don't get them done that week, the goal is to get them done by the end of the year. 

I am really looking forward to the Crop and I will have some Disney photos to use, finally! 

Our last visit to WDW was 2014, our next visit will be Disneyland in October & November ‘19, can’t wait!

I am a traditional Scrapbooker, with a little bent towards a project life style.

I don’t remember how I came across this wonderful group! It might have been google, I’m not sure,

I think I have been involved in two crops, but I ran out of Disney photos for the last one, so I did challenges but couldn’t take part properly.

I don’t buy many Scrapbooking supplies, I have a subscription to Coco Daisy so I wait to see what they send me each month. 

Im looking forward to the challenges, I won’t be able to take part on the actual day as I am running my own event, but I will join in when I can.

I can't wait for the crop! They are always so much fun! 

1. Last trip was October 2017. Next trip will most likely be January 2019 for a couple days possible December 2018 for a couple days. Next big trip though will be March 2019. 

2. Traditional scrapbooker. And have been working on Disney trips and Sebastian's adventures. 

3. My mom "nagged" me for so long to join this wonderful group. After the wedding/ honeymolh I decided I really did want to scrap and finally joined.  Glad I did, Mother's really do know best! 

4.  I believe I have done 4 crops maybe only 3 I can't remember for sure .

5. Currently my favorite line is Echo Park Imagine That Boy. My favorite products though are the #stickerbooks. I have 4 of them and absolutely love them! 

1. I was just at Epcot on March 4th.  Actually planning a day trip to Magic Kingdom on one of the next 3 Sundays.

2. I am a traditional scrapbooker.  I enjoy playing with paper and all the fun embellishments. 

3. I just happened to stumble across Disney Scrappers, I honestly don't even remember how, I just remember being excited to find a group of people who loved both Disney and scrapping as much as I did!

4. I have never been involved with a crop here at Disney Scrappers so I am looking forward to it. I tend to avoid online crops as I don't always have as much free time to scrap during them but I am hopeful I will get to play along at least a little bit.

5. I love anything Echo Park, just bought 4 kits!  Also love the #stickerbooks

I won't be able to attend the crop -- gone that whole week!!! SO SAD!

My last park visit was in February to Disneyland. No idea when the next one will be, probably not til 2020.

Traditional with a smattering of pocket pages. (I also do Monthly Project Life - have since 2007)

Ummm I've always been here LOL I am sure I followed Susan over from somewhere.

I think this will be the first one I miss!!!

I am currently in love with Doodlebug Designs "So Punny" ... I can't explain it. I just ADORE it.

1. When was your last park visit? and when is your next visit?

We are Disneyland AP holders so we pop in the parks fairly often, usually just for  a few hours. The last was Easter Sunday afternoon/evening. I never know when we’ll decide to visit again. We rarely plan a trip more than a day or so in advance.

2. Are you digital, traditional, or Project life?

 Traditional 12x12  paper scrapper I love mini books too. 

3. Who introduced you to DisneyScrappers 

I hosted monthly Disney Scrappers Challenges on the website Two Peas in a Bucket starting back in 2004ish which is where I met Susan and Laurie. Some of the Peas didn’t like all the Disney Challenges, so Susan found a place where we could host our own website and gallery solely dedicated to Disney. We were there a couple of years and then moved to Ning with this site.

4. How many of our crops have you been involved with?

All of them. But I don’t get as many layouts done as I wish I did. 

5. What is your current fave paper collection?

I’m currently really looking forward to trying to make some pages with Photoplay Paprika and Paper Crane.

Tami - I'm also LOVING Paper Cranes! It's so PRETTY!

I'm really looking forward to joining in,

1. I was last in the parks WDW, in February of this year, our next visit will be July/August of this year.

2. I am a traditional scrapbooker, I love paper/cardstock. I do tend to scrap just my Disney trips,I don't really scrap much of anything else.

3. My friend Rachel introduced me to scrapbooking back in 2008, I think we both came across disneyscrappers whilst browsing.

4. I think I have managed to do at least one challenge from most years I've been a member,but I haven't been able to join a crop before now as I've always been working on the day.

5. I love Carta Bella/Echo Park the last kit I brought was practically perfect which I love, but generally I will by any cardstock pad even if it's just for a few papers in there that I like. I tend to stock up in Michaels and Joanns when in Orlando, our selection in U.K. Stores is very limited in my opinion.

Merrick, I love that paper!! 

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