Hello friends! I was wondering ... do you listen to Podcasts? Which ones?
I'm especially interested in both the Disney podcasts and the crafty/ memory keeping podcasts that you enjoy but would also love to hear about others...

Something May be afoot...

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I haven't listened to any lately because I usually listen to them when walking. I mostly listen to WDWRadio with Lou Mongello :)

I regularly listen to :

Capturing Magic

Maltin on Movies

Modern Photo Solutions


Scrap Gals

Unofficial Guide Disney Dish Podcast with Jim Hill

WDFM Podcast (but they haven't posted in a long time ;( )

Sometimes I listen to:

Connecting with Walt

Elise Gets Crafty

Hidden Brain

Live Inspired with Tracie Claiborne

Planet Money

The Nerdist

WEDWay Radio

I used to listen to :

Communicore Weekly -- I was so sad that it ended but if you didn't listen you should go find it!

I LOVE the Disney Story Origins podcast but it just kinda happens randomly -- but you should GO BACK and listen to all of it.

DisUnplugged but I didn't like when they changed casts

Plus some homeschool podcasts and occasional episodes of others...

The only crafty / scrappy podcast I listen to is Pocket Talk. I'm not sure if I'll keep listening to Modern Photo Solutions.
I have a backlog of episodes of Capture Your 365 and The Digi Show that I listen to now and then because they aren't making new ones.

I tried Elise Gets Crafty and ScrapGals and the old Paperclipping. The hosts really annoyed me. I found myself rolling my eyes and yelling at the car radio too much so I quit them. LOL

I regularly listen to Another Mother Runner (even though I no longer run and am not a runner), The Alton Brown Cast, America's Test Kitchen, Special Sauce with Ed Levine (Serious Eats)

For Disney content, we don't have any trips planned so I don't actively listen but I used to listen to Capturing Magic but now the shows seem all the same - no guests, no links in the show notes, no picks of the week.
I also used to listen to WDW Happy Place and Mickey Miles.

LOL! I am so with you on some being annoying! There was a disney podcast that I used to listen to but they spent like the first 2o min on talking about their kids or how they were doing and also ads. I don't care about all that garbage. They would literally say like my daughters woke me up this morning and my stomach has been hurting me and did you know I got a new stroller. o.m.g. no.

I am so going to look some of these up. I love wdwradio because he starts talking about stuff that I am interested in.

The current three shows on Capturing Magic are a trip report on Disneyland Paris 25th anniversary.
The only Disney podcast I've listened to was the DisUnplugged which has been informative and timely. Otherwise, I listen to a bunch of podcasts along with my favorite shows. I probably listen to them more than watching tv. Game of Thrones is about to start again and there are about four different podcasts I listen to with that show.

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