Happy World Cardmaking Day!

In this digital world, sending a greeting card by mail is becoming a dying art. Let alone a card that was handmade!

It takes time. It takes work.

But you have to imagine the smile you'll put on someone's face when they open a greeting card that you made just for them.

We are all creative people here. And we need to share a small bit of our talent with those we love. Think of it as a RAK - a "Random Act of Kindness". I can think of no better way than with a handmade greeting card.

So starting this month, I will be hosting a monthly greeting card thread!

Do you have a friend who is having a birthday this month that you would like to make a card for?

Do you ever send out cards for holidays that aren't considered to be traditional card-sending holidays, such as Halloween?

Are you going to play along?

If so, we have a giveaway for those who participate in the October and November card threads!

The drawing for this giveaway will take place at the end of November.

***Feel free to share links to your progress or finished cards or share them here in this thread, but only Disney projects and albums in our gallery please.


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When I was a child, my great aunt would send me a greeting card for EVERY holiday. Halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.  And inside each card was $1. I don't know if I was more excited about the $1 or getting something in the mail!

I LOVE getting cards from friends, but I completely suck at sending them. LOL! Your card is amazing by the way. You have to tell me how that background is done and I love the string. Adorable story about the cards from your great aunt.

My mom likes to give cards and send cards so I had been making cards for her to use. I would include an envelope and a stamp to help her make sure she actually sent the cards. I would like to make more for her to use.

I would also like to have a few Thank you's on hand because they seem to be the one card I do use the most.

The other day I got this stack from DCWV that has pop up cards that you can make. You punch out the pieces and assemble them and this stack even has the adhesive foam squares! I saw the camera card and I just tore into the stack and started making the card. LOL! The whole time I was thinking I don't like to make cards, but it was so stinkin' cute I had to make it!

Check this out - go to my instagram link and click the play icon on the image to see the card do its thing


Seriously! who couldn't enjoy that card? So yeah, now I kind of want to make a few cards.

There are a bunch of these DIY  Project stacks from DCWV at Michaels and I am going to be testing out some. If you guys go by Michaels, just look at them and tell me what your opinion is. Like really true opinion good or bad because DCWV told me to ask you guys if you had seen them and what you think.

I made the background by doing layers of ink. First completely yellow. I cut a circle using my Cricut. I carefully held the circle in place while I continued to ink the background in layers. A layer of a darker yellow, a little further up the page. A layer of orange, even farther up the page. And finally a layer of black towards the top. Then some droplets of black and orange Glimmer Mist as well as plain water. I then removed the circle which left me a lovely moon!

My local Michael's has not had much of the stuff that you have shared from DCWV. It's actually kinda frustrating...but if I see any I'll definitely look at them Susan.

I make cards...not too often but sometimes I will sit down with some scraps and make a few cards. I am so bad at sending them though. I think "Oh, I should send so and so a card" but then I never do. So now I have a box full of unsent cards....I really need to start sending them or stop making them. 

Thanks Laurie! I just love it.

And Thanks Janeen, I will mention that to them. Availability is an issue.

I just said this on another thread, but DCWV needs an online store! I love so much of their stuff that you have used, but CANNOT find it. Gilded Grey, for instance. I've been to a handful of Michael's and Joann's, and it is not anywhere! I NEED IT! ;)

Me too Tanya! I have been looking for it ever since Susan posted that R2-D2 layout..It would be perfect for so many things! I want/need it! :)

That happens to me too! With such a shortage of scrapbook stores these days, DCWV at Michaels or Joann's is often the only choice. And they have great papers! But so often the stores have the same old stacks. Not the new ones. Grrrrrr!!!
I will day that I did see the pop up cards at Joann's but they were on an end cap. Not with the rest of the DCWV stacks.
I'm bad about actually seeing the cards too, Janeen. But I'm gonna make the effort to send these cards just to make someone smile. That's worth the effort.

Oh no! I will definitely give them this feedback. The Gilded Grey one is at my Michaels and it is NOT with the scrapbooking area. Its on one of those aisle racks that is just inside the front door. Its a very unusual place but its full of "hot spot" stacks. Then there is another area in the scrappy area that has the hot spot stacks and also a place on a totally different row with Scrapbook stacks that are not hot spot stacks, but lots of the better stacks were by the door. So if you go back to michaels like ask a person if there are stacks somewhere else.

Laurie - this is the stack I just used for the parade layout. The themey papers on the cover aren't my fave but the tone on tone patterns and geometrics are such good disney colors, especially since it actually has orange and purple.


I used the above Halloween card as a birthday card for a co-wrker who has a birthday in October and loves Halloween.  Inside I wrote, have a SPOOKTACULAR birthday.  She loved it!

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