Can you believe it is the last day for this year's week long NSD Challenge Crop? It's been such a nice crop this year! So many terrific pages and it's been great to see people trying new techniques and some of us just getting back into scrapping after almost a year! (Yep, my lady layout here was last June. So crazy!)

Is anyone going to be able to get any scrapping done today, or will the festivities be taking up most of your day?

Which challenge did you want to do but didn't get to? What are you most pleased about finishing or trying this week?

We will tally up participants and get names drawn for prizes. We want to give another big thank you to DCWV for sponsoring our crop this year! We totally appreciate their generosity!

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I think you may be off on your date of the 12th?

Anywho, I have you beat, Tami! I haven't scrapped since late 2015! Leave it to Disney scrappers to get me going again. :) I always find inspiration here, and nothing gives me more scrapping joy than my Disney photos. :) 

I don't really have plans for mother's day tomorrow, since Ashley is headed back up to college with the cat babies at noon, so it will be fairly low-key with the hubs and Miss Anna. I'm hoping to have time to scrap a few more pages from the challenge.

Don't tell anyone, but I know what my family got me for mother's day! The hubs ordered it through a place where I am the main account holder, so the invoice was sent to me instead of him. I deleted all the records of it so he still thinks I don't know what it is.

Hint: It is something magical that I will have to "build" out of a certain type of plastic blocks, it will be really, REALLY fun yet challenging to put together, it will stand nearly 3 feet tall, and will be simple beautiful when it is completed! Eeeeeeee!!!!! 

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you all! It's a rainy Sunday here at the moment but it's supposed to dry up and become sunny mid-morning. We are taking Matthew to a farm park today where they have a PJ Masks event on. Three of his friends are going as well so it should be a good day out. We're leaving Charlie with his grandparents which they are looking forward to, and that means we can concentrate on Matthew.

I'm really pleased with the number of pages I managed to complete this week and also that I managed to get a few different techniques in. I really had fun seeing everyone's pages and chatting along the way. I may try to get another page done tonight - depends how tired I am after the day out. I really want to try to get the cut file page done, but I need to find the 'perfect' photo!

Nancy - OMG, if it's what I think it is, I am so, so jealous and so so, excited for you! I have it on my wish list too but I don't think I'll be getting it anytime soon. I've told my husband that (a) we don't have th space and (b) we simply cannot justify the price tag. I'll keep on dreaming for the time being ;o)
Nancy, I can't wait to see that built! My daughter will be very jealous:-).

I am hoping to get one more layout done today, but we have Pete's Dragon to watch and that might well take up the afternoon. Michael went to his first proper house party last night, I've been stressed about it for ages as I had no idea how much he would drink or what would happen. I've just heard from him and he's fine and had fun and not too much to drink and he was still awake at just before 7am despite not going to sleep until 2.30am! He was meant to be sleeping in a tent but he ended up in his friends bedroom on the floor. It rained really heavily all evening but I don't think the really drunk ones cared, but Michael was more than happy to sleep inside. He's so funny that boy, he always tends to come out on top:-).
Nancy, yes I was off on the date. Lol! I had to pick a date because I couldn't check my calendar and then when I posted I forgot to check the actual date and fix it. Hahahaha! That's what I get for doing this late at night.

Sounds like a nice, relaxing day. I don't know what your present is, but it sounds fun! I'm so glad you were inspired to start scrapping again. I just love your pages!

Well, I'm almost done w the sewing challenge. Just need to sew on it and add a title. But I'm done for tonight.

Natalie, how nice to be able to spend the afternoon out. And fun for the grandparents to get to watch your littlest.
You got a lot of fab pages done this week!

Julia, I have watched Dr Who the last two weeks while I was scrapping but missed it today so I taped it and will watch it tomorrow while I finish my last layout. What's happening to me? Lol!

Morning all. Happy Mothers' Day to those in the US

We have sun here at the moment.

Sounds like a fun day Natalie

Sounds like Michael didn't do too badly for a first house party and he stayed dry too

Look forward to seeing your pages again Nancy. That is a fab present (if I'm guessing correctly)

I loved Baby Groot too Wendy. He's so funny dancing at the beginning

I'm hoping to scrap later. DS2 has work and DS1 is doing revision ready for his first exam tomorrow. There is also a food show on in town that I would like to visit so we'll see :)

Just looking at papers. Does anyone know if the red and yellow in Echo Park's Magic and Wonder are any better than the red and yellow in SS Say Cheese? I'm trying to get colours for a Mickey page

Good morning! Thank you Tami for starting this thread since I forgot :)

Happy Mothers Day to all kinds of moms today! ....waiting til 8 to call mom, she's still a bit sore from surgery and didn't want me there. My son will be here this morning, and one moves home for summer late tonight so that means I have much of the afternoon to scrap
Oh I still plan to do several challenges after the crop. I did the wings challenge but wanted to do a soarin page too. I also wanted to do a lot of hand stitching on a page for the stitching challenge. Like a LOT!

Nancy, I can Skype after Alex leaves if you want. Perrys going to take flowers to the cemetery and it will take a few hours as it's quite a way. I am cracking up that Andy and also kristins husband did the same thing with gift shopping. Perry said mine won't be here til like tomorrow or Tuesday but yesterday we got mail for 2 different people. Really sick of the mail people! Anyway, the clue I got is that "there are multiple items so it will be like Christmas ". Not much to go on but I like it! Very jealous of your magical kingdom!!!!
Julia that's the best. I totally understand about that time in the kids lives and the stress it causes. I'm glad he was clearly responsible. I still get very worried when I know one of them drives after drinking even a little because all are serious light weights where drinking is concerned and they think one isn't enough to effect them...may not effect most tall men, but oh boy does it effect them. LOL
Tami - that darn doctor who last night was weird because it looked like it was about zombies which is just stupid, but it kind of wasn't. I loved having Nardoll in the show more, nut I am just not liking bill at all. Very concerned about who the next doctor will be. Also have we decided that the person in that locked safe thing is either Missy or better yet her when she was the master!?
Cris - I would sat that yes, they are a bit better , but that's still an aqua blue rather than a Disney blue. Queen and co had a collection called magic a year or 2 ago and those are real Disney red, yellow and Cinderella blue

Thanks for that Susan. Will have a look and see if I can find any still available online :)

I haven't seen last night's Dr Who yet. Might try and watch it this evening

Happy Mother's Day everyone!

I'm not sure if I'll get to scrap today. We are getting ready for church and then will Skype with our oldest son and grandsons and my 2nd oldest will be calling later on today as well. We'll probably play a game of Cribbage with #3 later on this evening.  I do have the "2 page sketch layout challenge" sitting on my desk but I'm not sure I'll spend much time on it until Tuesday, which is my next day off.  My hubby is a trucker and gets home on weekends only.  So...my freedom is more limited on the weekends.  I do intend on spending more quality days scrapping now that my mojo is back. 

I wasn't able to do much scrapping for the past couple of years because we packed up my room and moved from Anchorage AK to NO WHERE NC.  I also had some heavy duty responsibilities when we first got here that are now gone.  I am really enjoying scrapbooking more now than ever in my life!  I think not having it readily available has made it more precious.  I now make an effort to enjoy each layout...no matter how long they take.  You know...enjoy the journey...rather than try to get 'em done.  I'm enjoying this scrap philosophy so much better than pushing myself to hurry up and finish a project.  I take too many photos for it ever to be DONE! 

I am right there with Nancy and probably everyone here, nothing makes me happier than scrapping my Disney photos!  They are so much fun and colorful!  I had to endure for a full month as I scrapped the photos leading up to our 2011 WDW vacation.  Though I loved the subject matter, it just wasn't the same.  ;-)

Hubby, birthday boy #4 son and I went to see Guardians in 2D yesterday afternoon.  After reading Susan's post about it being made for 3D, I texted my son at work and asked if he will go see it again in 3D this Tuesday.  Of course he said YES!  YAY!!  I'm looking forward to that.  

This morning I sat on our back porch and took photos of a couple of brave cardinals who were willing to eat at our feeders even with this strange human on the porch.  I got a few really good photos.  Its a warm and very sunny day here in rural NC.  I thoroughly enjoyed my solitude and the birdsong! 


Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Nancy--I saw your layouts in the gallery. They are fantastic! I need to go back & leave comments in the gallery. That is an awesome Mother's Day gift. I would probably get frustrated and not finish it. LOL

Julia--I can understand why you would be nervous. I worry about EVERYTHING when it comes to Danica. Poor kid. Since she is an only she gets my full anxiety directed at her. She doesn't have the luxury of having it spread out over siblings. LOL!

Tami--A special Happy Mother's Day to you! You have to be one of the best fur mama's that I have the pleasure of knowing!

The lease on my Honda Accord Sport was about to expire so we decided to purchase the vehicle. It has only 20,000 miles on it & I really love it so we decided to pay off the balance and now we own it. No more payments! Yay! Nik cracks me up. We decided we want to purchase some new bedroom furniture. Nik turns to me and says "it's like you just won the "Showcase Showdown." First a car and now a room full of bedroom furniture. LOL! I'm just glad it's not a year's supply of Rice-A-Roni.

We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday. We went out to dinner and then we saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We loved it! It was better than the first one. It was so funny!

We plan on hanging out at home today. I'll probably get some scrapping time. I'm still plugging along on Danica's High School scrapbook album. I'm really enjoying working with collections that wouldn't work with Disney photos. I'm also finding that I'm doing a lot more journaling with this album. I don't feel the need to include a lot of journaling when I scrap Disney photos unless something special or out of the ordinary happened. The high school photos need the journaling to tell the story behind the photo or event. I think it will make the album even more special.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

Oh. I forgot to mention....I decided to create a separate Instagram account for just my scrapbook layouts. If you want to follow me my username is: scrappybethb625. I thought it would be fun for me to have all of my layouts in one place.

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