Just wanted to share these new collections with you guys in case you haven't seen them or just need to get them preordered.

So what do you think?



To See all of PRINCESS or PreOrder, CLICK HERE


To See all of PRINCE or PreOrder, CLICK HERE

and because this counts as Disney too

To See all of Cruise, or PreOrder, CLICK HERE

Obviously some Disney papers here




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I agree Tanya. The only pack I did not buy was the Magic wonder pack. I just haven't even used the say cheese packs I have already so didn't even bother to get that one

I agree ,  I did one page with Say Cheese so I understand. I bought it because I thought I could incorporate pieces into layouts with other colors. Nope. I threw most away and kept some dot papers and embellishments in hopes of using them.

I want the Toy and the cruise packs.  I will pick and choose some papers from the three Echo Park lines.

since Echo Park is at it again, I thought I would share a couple of links

First this is Around the world and its got all but one Epcot country! yes I am a bit annoyed they forgot norway


and this is Go See Explore which is good for travel days


and Cartopia isn't coming til this summer but we have to buy it for Carsland and Autopia - I mean seriously who thinks that name was a fluke


I am wishing that collection had more of the browny rusty colors for carsland but I want to order it NOW!

Susan, thanks for enabling.  I bought some Toy Box, Space Academy and love Cartopia-will have to think about that.  I LOVE anything by Steven Duncan.

What no Norway-dang

I have so much Say Cheese and have a really hard time using it.  I too will not buy any more red/yellow/white/black Disney paper.  I have so much and don't think it really fits my photos!  I am going to use most of my SC for  Make A Wish pages.

I keep going back and forth about getting Around the World. I probably will end up getting it despite poor Norway being forgotten.
Cartopia I can't wait for. That looks like such a fun line!

Loving those collections. I think some of the Go See Explore might be good for World Showcase too

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