Just wanted to share these new collections with you guys in case you haven't seen them or just need to get them preordered.

So what do you think?



To See all of PRINCESS or PreOrder, CLICK HERE


To See all of PRINCE or PreOrder, CLICK HERE

and because this counts as Disney too

To See all of Cruise, or PreOrder, CLICK HERE

Obviously some Disney papers here




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Well I love Echo Park and they have definitely stepped a bit outside the box and added a few colors that aren't red, black, and yellow, but I don't think all disney photos are cute 5 year olds in costumes so I still cant use much of these.

First Toy box is SO totally disney that I will have to have all of it. I will be saving photos just to scrap with this paper

I will be ordering a few individual sheets, because that light background with the gold foiling is a great one. The woodgrain is nice. The floral print has purple in it which is SO hard to find and I love some of the papers in the cruise line. Think about those stiped papers, the coral print,  and the red paper for Disney parks, Rarely are reds in collections unless its Christmas so this is awesome. Love the turquoise and blues rather than just the teal that is in every other collection. I will buy several pieces of that for the actual blue and reds. Makes me want to take a cruise because its a gorgeous collection. Might get the whole thing to use for our next Disney World trip because we plan to stay at Beach Club  a couple of days.

I could do with some of those purple papers in the princess line.

Love the prince and toybox ones. Could have done with some of the prince ones when they were younger too. 

Yes some of these are great but some are really cutesy like you said for kids in costumes. But that Toy Box pack is awesome!!i so want that one
Toy Box is amazing! It's just about perfect for Toy Story Mania!!

I have photos for Toy Story Mania and outside that area, but pretty soon there will be a whole toy story land and I am tempted to get extra for future use. I was thinking this would work for some of the parade photos I have of Toy Story or the Toy story area at All Star Movies.

I want the Prince one so much!!! I mean, seriously all these years scrapping 3 boys... first ever prince theme!
Merrick, the Prince papers would be great for some of your castle photos from your trip over to the UK!

oh thats smart! I have my pre order waiting in case I decide to get more but I did put a piece of the shield paper in there because of the shields at UK Epcot and some photos I have there. I also got 2 of each of the woodgrain and gold writing papers from the two castle collections. I ordered all of the toy box pack and a couple ephemera packs. I know I will use that ALOT. I still have the Crate Paper Toy Box collection for the same reason. This is strangely similar actually for having the exact same name. Did you notice the paper that has the space guns all over it! That is going to be awesome for Astro Blaster too. And dont forget the viewmaster dessert menu at 50s Prime Time! I lost my photos of that but intend to do it again some time.

Ok so I just got done preordering everything. I'm so not happy with myself especially after I said I needed to stop buying things. But I just could not help it.

I LOVE Echo Park!!!  I soooo can't buy anything lol.  

After the Say Cheese lines, I am never buying another red, white, black, and yellow line of papers for Disney! They are far too difficult to use - and I still have a bunch left for another mini album! LOL!

I like some of the Prince and Princess lines - but not all of them. I'm not a girlie girl, so far too much pink for my taste, but some of them would be great for DL castle pics.

Love the Toy Box line - I will need to get some of that, as we love all things Pixar!

Oh my I should not have looked lol! I need Toy Box and Prince in my life! Those will be perfect for our March Disney trip!

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