Hey everyone - its  something that we have all struggled with over the years if we have been scraping a long time. I know I have used plenty that have failed.

Tell me what kinds of adhesives you use and why you like them

Also tell me what special adhesives you use for things like Vellum, metal, acrylics, and wood

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Good discussion topic as I'm going to need suggestions soon.

I currently use American Crafts This to That dot rollers and I love them. I use them for everything except heavier items like metal where I would use Glossy Accents simply because I don't have tons of different adhesives.

AC have stopped making the This to That adhesive and we now have Sticky Thumb, but they don't do a dot roller! I like the dot rollers because they fit in my hand. There's no way I could use one of those massive ATG guns!

I've tried Herma, but I can never fit the refills properly! A while ago, I ordered a batch of roller adhesives from Amazon - can't remember the brand - as they were cheap and I don't really like them. They are strip adhesive rather than dots.

I think I'm down to my last pack of refills for my AC roller...

What to do, what to do?

I use the Tombow Mono dot adhesive roller. It's not too expensive, most of the major craft stores sell it (although Michaels is the cheapest and apparently Walmart online is crazy cheap), and if I get it somewhere I don't want it it rubs off. It's also fairly easy to reposition if you don't wait too long. And it becomes permanent. I've been using it for about 7 years and I've yet to have anything fall off a layout. https://tombowusa.com/mono-adhesive-dots.html

Sometimes I use glossy accents, but most of the rest of the things I adhere down I use glue dots. The minis and micro minis are my favorites but I also keep the ultra thin ones and the glue lines on hand. http://catalog.gluedots.com/viewitems/consumer-products/craft-hobby...

Sometimes I use pop dots. These are my favorites because they are much thinner than regular ones but they are still dimensional. http://www.joann.com/thin-3d-foam-self-adhesive-squares-217-pkg-63-...

If I'm making a pocket I really like the red super tape. It's super sticky and holds really well. I buy mine at Joanns but this place has it too. http://www.accucutcraft.com/red-liner-double-stick-adhesive-tape.html You can even add glitter or embossing powder over it and heat set it.

I know from experience that everyone's taste in adhesive is different. Just be willing to try new ones and if you don't like it change. I worked in scrapbook stores for a long time selling these and they are not all the same. Just be willing to try. If you are lucky enough to have a scrapbookstore ask if you can try their different types. They should have some to try out and see what you like best. :)
For all my papercrafting I use the Tombow Mono Multi (green) glue. I cannot scrap without it!! I used it for every design project and personal project for 10 years. Layouts hung on the walls of a scrapbook store for years and nothing ever fell off. I love that I can use a sticker remover tool to gently take things off and replace them if needed. It is my most favorite adhesive. Hands down.

Recently, with the closing of my LSS, the Tombow has been hard to find so I recently have tried the Art Glitter Glue and it has worked well but isn't as forgiving as my Tombow.

For adhering things to glitter paper or metals, plastic, glass, etc I use Glossy Accents or Distress Collage Medium in the bottle.

I also use Sookwang double sided tap in the 1/8, 1/4, and 2" sizes for trims and fabric and such.

I also use glue dots and foam Square pop dot things now and again as well.

I don't own an ATG gun or adhesive roller.

For a few projects I have needed the 5" Xyron, but not generally for scrapbooking.

Thanks for adding the thread Susan! So ladies, I have just finished purchasing most of the papers, materials and diecuts for my daughter's 1st Disney/xmas trip album. I am down now to just titles and embellishments! Anyway, I miss spoke earlier...I actually have 55 pages total (27  layouts) and I am trying to plan how much adhesive or glue to purchase. I would love to save and buy in bulk up front.

When I completed my son's 1st trip in 2013, I used photo safe glue sticks. But over time, some things have not held well. I would like to try something different that is strong and cost effective (I can get a lot of use out of it for the money and stretch it further).

Any tips? Any advice is appreciated! :)

I use the ATG gun, which I just got for Christmas and can't believe I went this long without it. I want to say I have used maybe 4 rolls? But I did waste a lot trying to figure out how to use it. For some reason I was having a rough time learning how to use it lol. Now that I have it figured out I use it for all kinds of projects.
I use to use glue dots and while they were nice they did get expensive.
I also have a huge roll of foam that my mom got from somewhere that I use a lot but doesn't look like I have made a dent at all in it.
I use the ATG gun. It's actually my second one because my first one was so annoying to use, that I threw it away. Well apparently I didn't install the tape properly, that's why it never worked. Now that I figured it out, it works perfectly & its way cheaper than using the smaller tape runners. I also use Scotch glue for more permament hold. I try using it with vellum, it warps the vellum.

I use the Herma repositionable dots. I've been using them for years and find they work well and things don't fall off my pages. I tried an AC glue stick a couple of months ago when I ran out of Herma and didn't like it at all. Things did fall off my pages!!

I also have glue dots and double sided tape on hand

For those that use the ATG gun, is it not heavy and clunky? Or is that just how it looks to me? I'm intrigued as they are so popular, but they just look so cumbersome! How forgiving are they if you stick something in the wrong place or it's not straight and you need to lift it up?
It looks like it would be heavy but it really isn't. It is a little difficult to move something once it's been stuck down so Ii will kind of lay it down gently so I can move it if needed. Then once it's set I kind of give everything an extra push down so it all sticks. Not sure if it really makes a difference but it my mind it does lol.

Natalie Gibbons said:
For those that use the ATG gun, is it not heavy and clunky? Or is that just how it looks to me? I'm intrigued as they are so popular, but they just look so cumbersome! How forgiving are they if you stick something in the wrong place or it's not straight and you need to lift it up?
I use Tombow Mono Permanent ..
I buy it in bulk from Penwa.com which has been consistently the best price I've found plus they always ship really quickly. I always order over the minimum for free shipping.

I like zots dots and have them in a variety of sizes for this and that.
I use foam adhesive dots from the $1 Michael's bin. If they're the round ones - I use the circles then cut up the rest of the sheet.
I occasionally use the res line tape.
I forgot I also use spray adhesive for my delicate diecuts. I spray in a box which contains the mess. I get it at Michaels.

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