I love to journal but hate my handwriting. It seems like whenever I go to write on a layout, I make the simplest mistakes. So, I gave it up and turned to the computer. This way I had font options and could resize as needed.

I'm not sure which program most people use but this was done in Word. The first thing you need to do is measure your sticker or die cut for an approximate size and insert a box/circle, etc. with those measurements. Next, insert a text box and type your journaling. At this point, I eyeball where to place it in order to get a starting point then send it to the printer. Take the sticker, place it up to the box and hold it up to a light source. Natural light works best for my old eyes. I'm going to warn you now, sometimes it takes a few tries and other times it takes quite a few, LOL... but I try reusing the paper as I go along.

Once you get your words where you need them, place the sticker in the box and set it in the printer. When I use a sticker, I remove some of the stickiness and with die cuts I add a little bit of glue and let it get a little tacky. The point is you want tacky, not sticky. Next, go back to the computer, delete the boxes and send to print.

Here is my finished page:

Hopefully, this makes sense to everyone and is helpful!


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omgosh, I never tried it with word, but even in Photoshop Elements you can do the same thing. I am totally going to do this. I cant believe you got the one with the line to fit so perfectly.  Honestly I thought this would be too hard because they way I did it was to scan the item for placement and that was nutso.  I guess you have to make sure that when you print its borderless printing.

One question, what font do you use as a typewriter font? and do you have favorite fonts for this sort of thing?

I usually use Courier New but have also used Typist. I haven't found the perfect typewriter font yet but I'm still looking.

I dont know what you mean by borderless printing but I usually just send it to print normally. Cant wait to see how you play with it.
That's a great tip Tanya! Thanks so much for walking us through how to do that. The pictures were helpful. I use word on my computer.
Sometimes I really hate how my handwriting looks on a page. It's like it almost messes up all my hard work. LOL!
Your page is beautiful and the perfectly positioned journaling is fantastic.
I'm going to have to give it a try. <3

It's so true that I will be pleased with my layout and then feel like it's ruined once I've written on it! 

I'm gonna have to give this a try, thanks!

This is a fantastic tip.

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