Happy New Year!! 2017!!

So what kinds of cards would you make for the month of January?

Maybe you skipped Christmas cards and want to do New Years cards instead?

Maybe you have lots of thank you notes to send for gifts you received or to thank those that hosted holiday events?

Susan is doing our January sample "thank you" card and she will have that posted soon!

***Feel free to share links to your progress or finished cards or share them here in this thread, but only Disney projects and albums in our gallery please.***

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Hi everyone!!! I actually did need to make a thank you card for a holiday gift. Normally I don't do that but it was a super sweet gift from a very thoughtful older friend. She loves getting handmade cards. I used one of my stocking stuffers which was the doily die that I cut from vellum.  That makes this a very fast card. Just a couple of dies and a thank you sticker.

I would like to do a few more thank yous to have on hand when I need them

I would also like to share a card that I did for a publication a couple of years ago... no clue which publication. I just left a side open behind the tag to slip in a bill.  This card is to thank Cast Members in Mousekeeping and its a spot to include the tip. I need to come up with a couple of these for my trip this year as well.

Such a cute card for Mousekeeping! I love leaving them cards with a tip! :)

ok guys - I am screwed. Our older friend, Carolyn, is the one I made that card for. She loved it so much that she is going to pay me to make 12 valentines for her Red Hat ladies. I don't want to but she is very sweet and I need to do it. More money to put on my disney gift card for my trip. LOL! 

I can do basic backgrounds like this and she likes the doily layers and stuff but I have to have 12 little things that say Happy Valentines. I do not want to print it on paper. And do I need a sentiment inside? not sure where to start. About to go browse A Cherry on Top and pinterest

Is anyone else making Valentines? I don't normally but our older friend, Carolyn, needs 18 for her red hat friends. She is paying me but the real struggle is to come up with something red and purple. She wanted me to make 18 different hats but there is just no way! I am having enough trouble coming up with anything that has red and or purple.

So here is the ONLY paper I found. I ordered 3 sheets of each today:


and https://www.acherryontop.com/shop/product/358553

I had to come up with a prototype to show her today so I used papers I have. I told her to imagine the tag says "to my red hat friends" and imagine the blue spots as purple. I will just use this one to send to my mom :)  Now I just have to find purple rhinestones.

And as we know purple is not the easiest colour to find in scrapbooking especially if you then need it with red.

I think the second paper with the tiny bits of purple would work well and I love the card you've designed

thanks! I hope to find the purple rhinestones today at hob lob

Did you make the envelope Susan or have you got a punch/die?

Love these!  I want to make some cards this year!  It is on my list!

Cris - I just folded some paper and hand cut the sides to be sort of like an envelope. I don't love the shape but it works. The problem is that I didn't make a template so I have to come up with a new one. I haven't even had time to start on them and some of the papers won't be here til friday.

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