This is a thread where we can post interesting things about the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.  This can be upcoming events, interesting tidbits, limited time magic, etc.  Things that we might want others to know about the resort.

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Just got back from DLR and only spent 1day...... WHY only one day?... I keep asking myself as we missed sooo much. Then I remember DLR was the side trip!
If you love podcasts, I highly recommend Communicore Weekly. http://www.communicoreweekly.com Each week they have something called "The Five Legged Goat", which shares a small little piece of hidden fun throughout the park. Example: In the treasure room (1st one) the open treasure chest has a Jack Sparrow lego figure on it.

Okay,  I have to share/ brag a bit here. There was a question posted on Jeopardy the other night about Ft. Collins Colorado (which is where I live). It said something along the line of what part of FC CO inspired part of Disneyland? The answer is Main Street. Apparently the man responsible for the design, along with WD, wanted his hometown to be part of Main Street USA. So our Old Town was inspiration for the buildings on Main Street. I live closer to DL than I thought! Cool Huh?

Anyone planning a vacation to DLR in the first half of 2014 might want to look over this information!

Disneyland Resort Hotel Rehabs

  • None Scheduled

Disneyland Park Rehabs

  • 01/07/13 - 01/31/14 - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
  • 01/06/14 - 02/13/14 - Fantasmic!
  • 01/06/14 - 02/13/14 - Sailing Ship Columbia
  • 01/06/14 - 05/22/14 - Alice in Wonderland
  • 01/06/14 - 09/26/14 - Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
  • 01/07/14 - 01/17/14 - Big Thunder Ranch Petting Farm
  • 01/13/14 - 01/16/14 - Jungle Cruise
  • 01/07/14 - 01/17/14 - Haunted Mansion
  • 01/21/14 - 02/07/14 - It's a Small World
  • 01/21/14 - 02/28/14 - Splash Mountain
  • 01/22/14 - 01/22/14 - Disneyland Monorail
  • 01/27/14 - 02/13/14 - Pirates of the Caribbean
  • 02/24/14 - 03/07/14 - Disnyeland Railroad
  • 03/03/14 - 05/22/14 - Space Mountain
  • 03/03/14 - 04/25/14 - Indiana Jones Adventure


Disney California Adventure Rehabs

  • 01/06/14 - 02/13/14 - Grizzly River Run
  • 01/06/14 - 01/16/14 - Buena Vista Street restrooms
  • 01/06/14 - 02/27/14 - Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
  • 01/07/14 - 01/16/14 - World of Color
  • 01/21/14 - 02/20/14 - Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular
  • 02/03/14 - 02/06/14 - Mickey's Fun Wheel
  • 02/18/14 - 06/05/14 - Soarin' Over California
  • 03/03/14 - 03/06/14 - Heimlich's Chew Chew Train

Downtown Disney Rehabs

  • None Scheduled

Disneyland Park Closings

  • The Tangled meet and greet is now closed

Disney California California Adventure Closings

  • Dulce Aventura is now closed


Downtown Disney Closings

  • Blink has closed to make way for a Starbucks location

Wow!  Been awhile since I posted anything on this thread!  That's because right after that trip in June we were consumed with being a feral cat rescue.

Anyway, I'm baaa-aaack!

So currently Disney is hosting a Spring Time Round-up back at the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree. You can get pictures with Disney Rabbits and others. (no white rabbit the day we were there, but maybe tomorrow)

Running April 10-20, 2014 is the Disney Egg-stravaganza

Disney Blog on Egg-stravaganza

by Michelle Harker

I know that many of you took part in last year’s egg-sperience at Disney California Adventure park and Epcot and loved it! Well I have egg-citing news, because it’s back by popular demand!

What can you egg-spect? From April 10 – 20, you’ll be able to search for special hidden “eggs” themed to Disney characters at Epcot, Disney California Adventure park and for the first time, Disneyland park!

Disneyland Park Egg-Stravaganza Egg Hunt

Epcot Egg-Stravaganza Egg Hunt Disney California Adventure Park Egg-Stravaganza Egg Hunt

How it works!
Have fun exploring the parks hunting for ‘eggs’ that portray Disney characters! Record your discoveries by placing the corresponding sticker on the specially themed Egg-stravaganza map to represent that location. Maps and stickers can be purchased for $4.95, plus tax at the following parks and locations:

  • Disney California Adventure park – Elias & Co., Oswald’s, Radiator Springs Curios, Rushin’ River Outfitters, Studio Store and Treasures in Paradise.
  • Disneyland park – Disney Showcase, Fairy Tale Treasures, Gag Factory, Pieces of Eight and Pooh Corner
  • Epcot – Heritage Manor (American Adventure Pavilion), Disney Traders, International Gateway, Pin Central and Port of Entry

There are a dozen reasons for you to love the event this year! I know what new characters have been added, but it’s up to you to find them.

Don’t crack under the pressure! Whether you choose to hunt for eggs or not, return your map to a redemption location: Elias & Co. at Disney California Adventure park; Disney Showcase in Disneyland park or Disney Traders in Epcot and participate in an ‘egg-scramble’ to pick up your surprise.


What is the surprise, eggs-actly? Let’s just say it bears a striking resemblance to what you are already searching for!

Purchase as many maps as you’d like—while supplies last—and play again and again! No discounts apply. You should also know that separate admission is required to enter Disney Theme Parks and the experience is subject to restrictions and change without notice.

Are you as egg-cited as I am?

For the month of August, Disneyland was offering a fun scavenger hunt type game in Adventureland run by the "Adventure Trading Company." You purchase different quests and then collect juju at the end.  Some juju you purchase outright and some juju you purchase with food or drinks.  I did all the quests one Saturday and then recently returned to repeat a few of them on a Thursday morning.

I found it to be fun and entertaining.  I love the juju and love that it is a limited time.  I wish it had gone on a little longer so some of my out of state friends could have tried it, but it was limited to the amount of juju they had and it was so popular that they ran out before the end of the month. So who knows!  Maybe we will see the return of something similar.

I haven't written up a blog review yet as it will be photo heavy, but I'll share a few here with you that I posted on Instagram.

This is the second Adventureland limited time scavenger hunt or activity type thing I have participated in at Disneyland, the other being when Indy 4 - The Crystal Skull came out.  They had some fun things to do then. Here is one of several blog posts about that.  I have to hand it to DLR.  They really do a great job with the Adventureland activities they offer.  I have thoroughly enjoyed them all.  Adventureland is a small, very crowded area and the fact that they are able to accomplish what they do with the limited space is quite a feat! 

I'll let you know when I finish my blog post about this.  There will be lots of photos and details.

Well, they have announced the DLR Halloween Time  Trick or Treat party and events.

The big announcement this year is that for the first time in forever we get.....

drumroll please....

The Headless Horseman!

I've been waiting for this for years!

Halloween Time at DLR is pretty extensive.  They have special tours, overlays for the HM and Space Mountain, special meal offerings throughout the resort, the Ray Bradbury Halloween Tree and  Dia de los Muertos in Frontierland, the villains take over the entire park (but the BTR Villains jamboree will be sorely, sorely missed!) and there are tons and tons of pumpkins along Main Street.

At the TOT party they have the singing Cadaver Dans, character spots, including the Villains in Town Square, and TOTing, special fireworks, the character cavalcade (which needs an upgrade to a real parade!) and this year, the Headlesss Horseman!  

I just wish they would bring back the Candy Corn Acres to DCA. I think it would be perfect for Bugsland or Carsland. DCA had nothing Halloweeny anymore. Also last year they had an amazing Candy Halloween Tree in the lobby of the Grand Californian and some special appearances in the GC Lobby by the Cadaver Dans serenading the guest from one of the upper lobby balconies.

If you haven't experienced DLR during Halloween Time, you have from Sept 9 - October 31st. It is really an amazing time of year at the DLR.

just wanted you to know I made a Disneyland Resort Park News thread specifically to discuss new announcements not necessarily all of the cool things you have here. And as this is an older thread I wanted to bump it to the top :)

also... you are making me want to go to the party

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