This is a thread where we can post interesting things about the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim.  This can be upcoming events, interesting tidbits, limited time magic, etc.  Things that we might want others to know about the resort.

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I can't believe we missed all this!  We were going to go down on Saturday and didn't make it.  I am SO bummed!!!

That looks like it was SOOOOO much fun!!!!!  Sorry you didn't make it!  Wonder what they did in WDW...

Here are some upcoming May happenings around the DLR.

Opa! A Celebration of Greece!

Long Lost Disney Friends coming to Disney April 8-14, 2013

  • From “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” – Esmeralda, Clopin and Frollo
  • From “Pocahontas” – Pocahontas, John Smith, Meeko and Governor Ratcliffe
  • From “Robin Hood” – Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham
  • And my favorite “duck duo” – Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig Von Drake

Okay, so I went to the Long Lost Friends day yesterday and we were in lines for 5 1/2 hours getting all ten groups of long lost friends -- I took pictures of them with us and also as groups without us.  I'm only posting the ones with us from my camera -- they got some really, really great ones on our photo pass, but since I will be there all day on May the 4th be with you day, I'm waiting to purchase the pass, seeing as they include ride photos on the passes now too.  'Bout time!

So without further ado...

Friar Tuck, Robin Hood, King John, Sheriff of Nottingham

Wendy, Peter, Smee, Capt. Hook

Gov. Ratcliff, John Smith, Pocahontas, Meeko

Mushu and Mulan as Ping

Fiddler Pig, Fifer Pig, Practical Pig and The Big Bad Wolf

Clopin, Esmerelda, and Frollo

Flora, Fauna, Merriweather and their ample bosoms.

Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig Von Duck

Lilo and Stitch

Jane and Terk.  No professional photog at this one, just a chick who was harried and snapped pictures willy nilly so this is the best we got.  Oh well, at least everyone but me looks good.  I'm ok with that.

Great photos Tami. We've met a few of those but not in groups like that. DSs would have loved to have met Captain Hook and the Robin Hood characters

Limited Time Magic for June 3-9 at DLR is the Mickey and the Magic Lamp show and Adventure afterwards.

Mickey and the Magical Map” is now open at Disneyland park, and we’re celebrating the all-new live show with some “Limited Time Magic!” From June 3-9, everyone who goes on this musical journey to imagination with Mickey Mouse will be invited to extend the experience with Mickey’s Compass Quest. Guests will receive a map of their own after seeing the show at the Fantasyland Theatre, which will lead them to locations throughout Disneyland park in search of a series of hidden markers with the help of clues inspired by the show. And a special prize awaits those who complete the challenge!

The quest is on, June 3-9, here at Disneyland park.

Party with the Monsters University Gang

Starting May 24, 2013
Enjoy a Monstrous Summer at the Disneyland Resort, where Mike and Sulley from Disney•Pixar's Monsters University are showing off their MU spirit! Stop by Disney California Adventure Park where they will be leading the Pixar Play Parade, followed by their new Monsters University friends, Art, Scott "Squishy" Squibbles, Terry & Terri and Fear Tech mascot, Archie the Scare Pig. For even more monster fun, head to Hollywood Land where you can meet Mike and Sulley in front of the MU Dorms. It's another bit of Limited Time Magic you won't want to miss and another reason to make it a Monstrous Summer!

Come Celebrate Independence at Disney Parks

I'll be there for 3 days!  Woohooo!  Gotta get all my American Pride clothes ready so I can be decked out that week.

How cute is this photo spot for Monsters U this summer?

It was still there this week -- I hope it sticks around for awhile.  This facade has been there at the back of Hollywood Land since DCA opened, but it was just a brick building with a door.  Love how they changed it up to make it a College backdrop. 

I do NOT know how long this is going to be there, but seriously, it is just too cute! If you are at DLR anytime soon, make time for this photo spot in DCA.

Check out Don Carlton in the upper window and Randall in the lower one.

The letterman's jacket with all the arms...snort!

The bikes!  Hilarious!

Those photos are gorgeous. Love the Sulley one.

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