"Where's the Rum Gone?! "

Pirates and Cocktails

As sad as we all are to see the Redhead turned Pirate, we all still love the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Create a new layout about one of the following:

*Pirates of the Caribbean ride

*Sailing Ship Columbia

*Jack Sparrow or Jake & the Neverland Pirates character encounter

*Pirates rooms or pool at Caribbean Beach Resort

*Pirates, Ship, or Hook from Peter Pans Flight or in parades or shows

*And we cant forget the RUM so... Any layout about a Disney cocktail, beer, pool bar, or Trader Sam's


My example:  

(Are you as envious as I am about Susan's awesome Jack encounter?!)

(uses Project Mouse Pirates bundle)

Here's a 2-page spread Susan did recently on our time in Trader Sam's:

And a page I made from that same trip:

(uses Project Mouse Paradise bundle)

When you complete your layout, add it to the Gallery including the challenge name or number in the title or the description, then come back to this challenge and share a link or photo of your page.

and as a bonus , CLICK HERE for a copycat recipe for the Trader Sam's Tiki Tiki Tiki...

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Great challenge and love all the layouts

I just want to copy this exactly but with journaling, and now that I am looking at this, did you take these phtoso? I need to go find them. You made them look great even though he was a bit..... close LOL!!!

Hahaaa, I don't think they were my photos. They are on the Shutterfly site. I did edit them to try to lighten his face that was so shadowed. And then of course, cropped them so that the Columbia was included (and other people were excluded)!

k, thanks . I f I run into issues with his face I may have you send me your version. I am about to start now

Here is my layout for this challenge. 

That is adorable, Casey (gonna head to your layout in the gallery and comment there). Thanks for playing!

Love those papers Casey :)

For the recent trip for my MIL's birthday, here she is at Trader Sam's!

Not sure why I'm digging pink so much lately, but maybe I am channeling her love of the colour! ;)

Oh, I LOVE those colors! This is gorgeous, Tanya. I love that you got the awesome Trader Sam's cup photo and used it and how you did the flower clusters too!

Laurie, headed to your page in the gallery . . .

Here's my layout!


Baseball game was rained out!  A scrapping day for me!!

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