I am going to share how I add a QR code to my layouts. It looks like alot of steps but it really is just because you have to print it out and put it on your page. Once you have the app on your phone, its easy to scan your page. 

1. upload the video to YouTube or to Instagram.

2. copy the link to the video

3. go to: http://www.qr-code-generator.com/?PID=101

copy and paste your link and it will give you a QR code to download and use

4. Print the QR code whatever size you like for your layout. I have printed it 1" but it turns out you do not need it that large. I print mine more like 3/4" now, but even a 1/2" works. I print mine onto photo paper for a super clear image, but printing onto normal paper works.

5. Cut out the code and use it somewhere on your layout.

6. Download a free QR code reader app. I use QR Barcode Scanner

7. Open the app and mine has a spot to tap that says Scan Barcode and when I click on it, my camera opens and it reads the code and shows the link on my screen and it gives you the option at the bottom "go to website" and when I click on that it opens youtube and shows me my video

Here are two of my layouts using a QR code.

This first one is obviously disney but I have erased a section of the code digitally so if you are sitting there trying to scan it on the screen to see the video, its not going to work.

But this one does work. You can click on it to enlarge the image and use your phone to scan it.


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I just did my first one on a non-Disney layout this week! Soo much fun! Going to try to add it to a Disney layout soon! :)

My video clips from this disneyland trip are kind of lame because most aren't that great. Just phone videos in little bits when I wasn't taking photos. I am not sure how many are worth using. I got a great one of the Cadaver Dans though.

Oh this would be fun to try! Especially with the video I got of Sebastian dancing at Raglan Road!

omgosh, yes, you totally need to add videos to your pages. I love that video of him!

Thank you for the tutorial! I always toyed with the idea to add QR codes to some layouts but somehow couldn't get my head around how to do it !

oh I hope you will try it, its super easy. You don't have to print it out large. I print them on photo paper so they will be clear, but they work even when they are printed like 1/2"

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