If you've got an update to your blog that you want to share - post here so we can remember to go and visit you! (This is a great way to share your non-Disney layouts!)

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Two fun new non-Disney layouts over at my blog today



I just updated my Disneyland Diva blog with an entry about Goofy's Sky School. 


My Diva blog is all about Disneyland Resort, not scrapbooking.  I have a different blog for that.  But this entry has two videos and lots of pics, so enjoy!

Disneyland Diva

I've been blogging! Visit my blog at elfpaper.blogspot.com -- How about you? Anybody got good updates?


I am at a hotel near LAX getting ready to go out of town (info in July thread) but I have uploaded pictures to my Disneyland blog so that I can update it each day.  Right now I am highlighting new things for the 2011 summer at the Disneyland Resort.


Link is above.

Recent posts on my blog cover a recap of our recent trip to GA/FL... many pics and a fun dolphin video included!


well I don't really blog but it was great seeing all of yours!

I did post my most recent Color Combos Galore layout and since its great beachy colors, I thought you guys might like to see it here:

Hi guys, I am taking part in a Back to School Blog Hop, there is some cool prizes so if you are interested pop over and check it out at http://scrapbookertink.blogspot.com/ I will announce my winner and blog prize on Monday, thanks for the support x

I've been blogging -- my last two posts are my last two disney layouts.


I've been blogging! How about you? Any new posts?


oh good - I will go look. I actually forget to look so thanks for a reminder.


I have posted a couple of non disney pages here on one blog :


and a new sketch at sketchsavvy and its 2 landscape photos and using scraps so thats fun:




I just made another post today.  I WILL post scrappy stuff too.  I promise.  This one is about being grateful for the skin I'm in.  :)

I started a blog last month! I'm so NOT tech savvy, so this is a major accomplishment. It's a little scrapping, a little Disney, and a little of everyday life. If anyone wants to check it out, it's www.mylaffinplace.com

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