I had to throw out my MM clear epoxy dots last year because I noticed the adhesive yellowed which made the dots look yellow. Unfortunately, I used them on several layouts and they are now yellow as well. I really like to use them on water layouts or on Little Mermaid layouts. I did some research online and discovered that you can make your own out of "Glossy Accents." Here is what the bottle looks like. The 2 fl. oz. bottle was $4.19  at JoAnn after using a 40% off coupon.

I made different sizes on wax paper last night & I let them dry overnight. They are perfect! I also saw on Pinterest that you can put nail polish over the dried Glossy Accent dots to make your own colored enamel dots. I have not yet tried this, but I'm willing to give it a go.

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You can also use Glossy Accents over embellishments and diecut titles to give dimension. It's such a fun look. :) It also works well as an adhesive. I use it to glue on my wood embellishments. 

The top of the bottle can clog though so I keep a straight pin on hand to unclog it.  Just poke it through where the glue comes out to unclog it. Storing it upside down can help too. 

It has a lot of uses! Cool product.

Janeen Beuchel said:

You can also use Glossy Accents over embellishments and diecut titles to give dimension. It's such a fun look. :)

oh really! I never thought of that. I have that on my desk all the time just to attach stubborn stuff so I will be trying that. I have the crackle too but it has been known to yellow.

Oh, yes! I love this product and have used it for years. The Stampin Up "Crystal Effects" is pretty much the same product. It's great for vehicle windows for stamped images or ephemera, dew drops on flower petals, and making things pop, as Janeen mentioned. I have peeled off the printed or coloured paper from chipboard letters and added it for a wood look. It's also great for adding to white paper, then sprinkling in some glitter. I absolutely love it! :)

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