Moving on to Adventureland. And along with Adventureland we're adding in the Squares -New Orleans Square and/or Liberty Square!

So, whats' your E Ticket (doesn't have to be a literal E ticket) FAVORITE, must do, very best idea of an attraction in Adventureland and the Squares?

And your "Eh" ticket -- your not-so-favorite, could-do-without attraction?

And do you have any "F tickets" -- like TEAR THAT THING OUT!!! We're so done with it???Or do you want to give the imagineers an F ticket for something they took out or ended that you think should still be there?

Moving right along!

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Oh man this is so HARD!!!

E tickets -- ummmm Jungle Cruise? Haunted Mansion? Tiki Room? Pirates??? DOLE WHIP?

Can I just keep Adventureland and the Squares???

Eh ticket -- The Tarzan theme could go from Swiss Family Treehouse at DLR... oh and I don't care much about the Magic Carpets, though my kids like them.

E Ticket:  Haunted Mansion

Eh Ticket:  Swiss Family Tree House

F Ticket: Dole Whip! I hated it!!!!!

That's okay Beth.... I won't have to wait behind you in line! Getting my Dole Whip all the faster.

Hahaha! I really wanted to like it. I talked about it for months before our trip. My DH said it would be hilarious if I ended up hating them after how much I talked about looking forward to trying one. I guess you could say my DH jinxed it for me! It's all HIS fault.

Adventureland, DL

  • E ticket: Indiana Jones, for sure! The live action in HS just doesn't compare! Oh, and Dole Whip, now that I have tasted it!
  • Eh ticket: Tarzan's Treehouse - I'm too old for it, maybe!

Adventureland, DW

  • E ticket: Pirates, Citrus Swirl, Tiki Room
  • Eh ticket: We skip Aladdin and the Treehouse because they are "kiddie" to us, and hold no appeal

Liberty Square, DW

  • E ticket: Haunted Mansion - we love it!
  • Eh ticket: We haven't done the Riverboat or Hall of Presidents, mainly because there are other things to do!

New Orleans Square, DL

  • E ticket: All attractions! Pirates in DL is a better overall experience, and we love Haunted Mansion. The Royal Street Veranda makes amazing gumbo that is served in a bread bowl. It is a great lunch, especially when it is cooler out.
  • Eh ticket: Blue Bayou Restaurant. It's cool that it is in the Pirates ride, and the service was great, but the food wasn't worth the price. The ambiance saved it from the F ticket, in my opinion. We'll spend our money elsewhere.

F tickets: nothing, really. These are solid areas of both DL and DW for us, but maybe that is due to them being fairly small, overall!

I love the Mark Twain and the Liberty Belle so much... and the Treehouse is about the view imo (plus kids aren't old enough to remember either Swiss Family or Tarzan lol not my kids who were raised on Disney but most kids) .

oh that is a HUGE area in both DLR and WDW. So hard! I mean seriously, thats a big area

Ok at DLR I am going to say E is Indiana Jones because it doesn't exist at WDW and I do love it. The thing is that Pirates is better at DLR than at WDW so its probably tied.

I don't have an eh, unless you count Tarzan which I have not actually done yet. Never had time.

While at Disneyland, lets have a small shout out for the dole whip and gumbo in a bread bowl with those fritter like things that wish they were beignets! Woohoo!

At WDW, I am confused because is Pirates Adventureland? Its sort of between. Well I have to say Pirates is a tiny bit above Haunted Mansion and Jungle Cruise, but the lines of those lands are kind of blurry over there.

I am a little eh about the magic carpets but I do love the colors and the camel.

What could I give up in that area.... hmm... well I don't like Pecos Bills. The food is lame theme park food and its crowded but it does draw people away from my BOG lunch so honestly I would keep that too.

E ticket- Pirates, Jungle Cruise and Haunted Mansion!

Dole Whip I'm going to have to put in the middle of the two. I'm pretty sure I liked however, I must confessed that she gave it to me and every thing tastes better free! I probabley would stand in line again though because I do like pineapple flavor! Just not sure at this point if it's on my must do list yet or not.

Eh ticket- Tom Sawyer Island.

F ticket- really don't have one.

oh crap - I forgot the blue bayou. Ok so lets just put the Blue Bayou/Pirates as a must do every time for me. They are one attraction in my mind

I can't wait to try Blue Bayou in September!! sometime in the next week I can make reservations for it, just got to look up when!
U was trying to figure out a good way to combine. Since Pirates is Adventureland at Magic Kingdom but New Orleans Square at DLR... And Haunted Mansion is also NO Sq ... but in Liberty Sq at MK... I kind of lumped them together.
DLR - Adventureland
E- Indy (also Jingle Cruise and the Adventurelsnd JuJu challenge last year and the Summer of Indy several years ago with Indy 4's release. They have had some great special promos in Adventuteland!!)
Eh- tarzan's Treehouse
F - that Aladdin show area. HUGE waste of very valuable real estate! Also, they have encroached on the walkways so much it is nearly impossible to get through Adventureland at times and again, the stroller parking down the middle makes any movement near to impossible. At peak times of the year, the adventure is just trying to maneuver through

New Orlean's Square -
E - one simply cannot choose between Pirates and HM.
Eh - the Christmas decor the last couple of years. It used to be WOW!
F- too much creole food! One Cajun food restaurant is plenty. Give us a good southern BBQ place, and a southern comfort food place. But 4 Cajun restaurants in one square is 3 too many. Also the smoking section here is really really bad! When the coastal humidity comes in the entire square is enveloped in heavy smoke. This MUST be corrected.

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