Today in the Dream Park, we're adding a land from the Disneyland Lineup. 

How to Play: We're building an imaginary Disney dream park. We will take it land by land (and I'll invent or import some lands from various parks -- so we're not talking just the Disneyland 8) . We started June 1 with Main Street USA, then we added Adventureland. then we visited Liberty Square...

Today we're playing in New Orleans Square-- worry less about what's actually IN New Orleans Square and focus more on playing in the theme! (Perhaps there's a snack in EPCOT's France you'd like to see here or an entertainment from Hollywood Studios?)

Pick One of each (and yes you only get one):
Gift Shop

Character greeting

You can pick an element from any park and from any time  (an attraction from Disneyland history or an Animal Kingdom attraction that fits the theme,  a restaurant from Magic Kingdom, plus a snack from Tokyo Disneyland etc.) 
So let's do it!

We're headed Down in New Orleans....

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Attraction -- Pirates of the Caribbean -- Disneyland ride but with the WDW queue area and some of the  Shanghai details
Restaurant -- Going Blue Bayou -- I love that dark, cool, nighttime environ. 
Snack - Beignets, clearly. Lots of beignets. 
Entertainment - FANTASMIC!!!
Gift Shop - La Bat En Rouge

Character greeting - Louis the Alligator from Princess and the Frog -- I love him. 

We're pretty much just sticking Disneyland here.... New Orleans Square is pretty darned close to PERFECT.

Attraction - Something Princess and the Frog themed and of course the Pirates of the Caribbean ride from DL

Restaurant - Blue Bayou

Snack - Beignets

Entertainment - Jazz Musicians

Gift Shop - the gift shop at the end of the Pirates ride at MK 

Character Greeting - Princess and the Frog characters and The Rescuers and Captain Jack Sparrow

Attraction - Pirates. I love the smell of the magical water! ;)

Restaurant - New Orleans Cafe - their French onion soup is amazing (I think I've gone to Blue Bayou too much lately and it has lost a bit of it's lustre)

Snack - I would want another cream cheese pretzel - beignets aren't all that exciting to me

Entertainment - Fantasmic - love that Maleficent dragon!

Gift Shop - a shop with just purses and bags!

Character Greeting - Jack and Sally were a ton of fun, but Captain Jack would be even better!

Attraction - Pirates of the Caribbean

Restaurant - Blue Bayou

Snack - Beignets

Entertainment - Well I always miss Fantasmic so I dont have any

Gift Shop - the fragrance shop

Character Greeting - I've only met Jack and Sally there

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