Today in the Dream Park, we're adding another land from the Disneyland Lineup. 

How to Play: We're building an imaginary Disney dream park. We will take it land by land (and I'll invent or import some lands from various parks -- so we're not talking just the Disneyland 8) . We started June 1 with Main Street USA, then we added Adventureland. then we visited Liberty Square and on to New Orleans Square...

Today we're playing in Critter Country -- worry less about what's actually IN Critter Country and focus more on playing in the theme! (Perhaps there's a snack in Hollywood Studios you'd like to see here or an entertainment from California Adventure, maybe a ride that has disappeared?)

Pick One of each (and yes you only get one):
Gift Shop

Character greeting

You can pick an element from any park and from any time  (an attraction from Disneyland history or an Animal Kingdom attraction that fits the theme,  a restaurant from Magic Kingdom, plus a snack from Tokyo Disneyland etc.) 
So let's do it!

Ain't nothing like the great outdoors to keep you from growing old.
If your minds been hazy, and you're feeling lazy and down on all fours
Then join us bears and suck up some air, in the great outdoors.

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Attraction -- while I love Winnie the Pooh, and I love the Country Bears and there are rides from other locations that fit here -- Splash Mountain is one of my all-time-favorite attractions!

Restaurant -- I want the Hungry Bear's location  (those patios overlooking the Rivers of America!) but I want more varied food -- I think I'm going to snag the menu of the Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom! 

Snack -- CORN DOGS. I don't know why but I want Corn Dog palace corndogs over here!

Entertainment -- Sneaky but -- going with the Country Bears!

Gift Shop -- hmmm I dunno... Pooh Corner probably. 

Character greeting -- Br'er Bear and Br'er Fox!

Attraction - I'm going to go with Splash Mountain...I hate the drop but love the rest of it! So maybe mine would have a smaller drop...

Restaurant - I would love to have a character meal with Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Fox, & Br'er Bear with the food from Mickey's Backyard BBQ...or even the Red Robin characters. 

Snack - Corn on the Cob (yum!!!)

Entertainment - The Country Bears :)

Gift Shop - I do quite like the one from Splash Mountain with some of the themed stuff in it...

Character Greeting - We need Robin Hood characters to meet and greet!

Attraction - alot of good ones but I love Splash mountain from Magic Kingdom because of the ride vehicle.

Restaurant - I would love a Splash Mt themed restaurant that is built into the side to see into the riverboat scene and the food from Cafe Orleans because Pomme Frites and Monte Cristo!!!!! oh and this is a character meal with Brer Fox, Bear, Rabbit and like the Remy on a plate in france... I want a bluebird that goes table to table delivering food like the rfid system they have at BOG that allows them to find you.

Snack - Chocolate covered Banana in carts, and that adorable honey bee cupcake from the hungry bear inside that Poohs bakery spot.

Entertainment - the old old Lion King Parade. i loved the eyelash rhino and the crocs so much. That was an awesome parade.

gift shop - a combo that has Pooh stuff, Song of the South, Bambi and Lion King . Most importantly I want them to bring back the shirt I didn't buy in 07 that says Bad Hare Day with Brer Rabbit on it. I took a photo but I regret not getting it

Character meet - Thumper and Flower!

Attraction - Splash Mountain is fun, but maybe something new that is more country themed

Restaurant - Hungry Bear is really yummy, but maybe more selection?

Snack - I have yet to try some of those delicious looking cupcakes, but have had fruit over there. You can't go wrong with pineapple!

Entertainment - I haven't seen the Country Bears, so I'd like to see that - and maybe have more stuff over there (especially in DL)

Gift shop - I'm not a fan of Pooh, so anything but! :P

Characters - Bambi characters, Brier Rabbit, etc.

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