Yes, I felt that it might be a good idea to spare the others and have our own thread for general discussions about our favorite Timelord.


If you didn't pick up Series 6.5 on DVD when it came out, Best Buy does have it for $19. I am a bit annoyed that 6.0 and 6.5 dont have confidentials on them, but its better than nothing, and I am really mad about the $62 series 5 and I am not paying that even with confidentials. I am really hoping to get it cheaper one day.

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I will show some of the pictures I have taken out and about when I find time to upload them x

Well, we watched. The boys didn't like the Dr being a bit mad to start with but I think we liked him by the end. It's always hard I think when he regenerates. Liked the episode as a whole. Those are the robots DS1 was scared of as a little boy (the masked clockwork ones??)

oh we really enjoyed it because of all of the references to past things and the humor so we were loving it and then Matt's doctor just pushed it over the top - definitely sweet. Its so hard when he regenerates!!! Terrible with David's and at least Matt's wasn't alone and sad and he had a fantastic speech. Also he didn't have to die thinking it was over like expected so it wasn't as hard to watch. Still I did not want him to leave. Now I am really liking 12 so I cant wait to see him with Daleks.

We may have had more than our fair share of sonic screwdrivers so it kind of shortened the amount of walking we did this morning in the heat. LOL

Yes the bit where he rang Clara and the new Dr knew all about it was great.

LOL at the amount of Sonic Screwdrivers. Drink lots of water today.

We took the kids to The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff on Sunday and it was brilliant! It was so much fun!
Here we are in the Tardis.

I just loved all of your photos and it looks like so much fun! The tardis photo is fantastic and the one of steve trying to get into Torchwood cracked me up. You need a who tshirt badly! lol

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