Yes, I felt that it might be a good idea to spare the others and have our own thread for general discussions about our favorite Timelord.


If you didn't pick up Series 6.5 on DVD when it came out, Best Buy does have it for $19. I am a bit annoyed that 6.0 and 6.5 dont have confidentials on them, but its better than nothing, and I am really mad about the $62 series 5 and I am not paying that even with confidentials. I am really hoping to get it cheaper one day.

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Oh and I can not even wait for Christmas Day!!!


Anyone else a bit annoyed by the news that the guy who did HP wants to do a Doctor Who movie, outside of the BBC Who world, as a big budget movie? I mean I am all for any movie if Davies and Moffat are involved, but the rumors about this guy's plans aren't pretty. I am not saying I won't see it - of course I will, it's Doctor Who, but still.

LOL I can't believe how much you all love Dr Who!

There were two terrible Doctor Who movies back in the 60s -- Dalek movies. LOL


I don't buy television on DVD. (except for Star Trek TOS, and I do have a little Farscape)

oh I wish I had Farscape, but those were super expensive. And yes, those old Doctor Who movies were frightening. I watched them recently. And what is that movie that sets up the new series that started with #9? that was bad but important to know.



well i lucked out   i found series 6 at best buy last night for $36.99 for blu ray    rang up at 59.99 but was marked at the 36.99 so they honored it    :)     just to put it in perspective....the dvd set for the same season was 38.99   2$ more   lol

Thought of you guys yesterday when there was a post on Facebook from a fabulous cake design store close to where I live that they did the blue phone booth from Doctor Who for a wedding cake because both the bride and groom are huge fans....it was really cool!!

oh you really got a good deal, Frank! Did it have the confidentials on it?


ok my husband would never go for that on a formal cake but it sounds super cool!

Who's ready for the 12th Doctor? We ARE!!! We are having fish fingers and custard...which means we are having fish fingers, chips/fries, and then french toast sticks and custard. Its our work around since there isn't any way my guys would have the fish in the custard. I am not going to make cupcakes because I don't want those in my house tempting me but I am making doctor who chocolates with the mold I got last year. And of course I picked up jammie dodgers.  Brett lives here and Alex is spending the night so that we can also have Sonic Screwdrivers.

Sonic screwdrivers are Orange juice and Blue Raspberry vodka. The problem is that the vodka is sweeter than I thought. Might add sparkling soda to cut the sweetness.

Sounds a fun evening Susan. Nothing special planned here but we will definitely be watching.

The Bears will be watching...  :)

Lol, I think he will be good as the new Dr but I'm sorry Susan I'm not a fan but your food sounds yummy you need to come over the pond x

yeah I do! Then maybe the fish and chips wouldn't be crap! LOL - well we could go order out from the pub but I don't want to be too tempted to eat a bunch and my boys are good with the frozen stuff.

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