This is the place to discuss how to make your own Mouse Ear Headbands like you can buy in the parks. And maybe share links of examples or where to buy some custom made ears.



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Ok people I need help with suggestions if you have ever taken the current pinchy headband out of a pair of ears from Disney and put a new comfy one on. Nancy just got me my first ear headband. She has the same one and she said its pinchy. So we need to disect it.

This will be awesome, Susan!

Is the photo of custom ears? They are cute

yes, Cris, I really like them too. I just grabbed it off pinterest. I am seriously considering those


Those are so pretty!
I bought these for my MNSSHP costume, and I'm in love... https://www.etsy.com/listing/510239500/snow-white-inspired-snow-whi...

Those are so adorable Margie!

oh those are totally cute!  are they for this year? do you have your costume together?  I think we are going to disneybound halloween or villains or something instead of actual costumes. Not totally sure yet. I just really want the party tshirt so I am tempted to wear something very Nightmare before Xmas and then change when I buy the party shirt. I will probably decide once they show this years shirts. LOL!

Thanks guys! Yes, we will be there for the Aug 29th party-it was a nice surprise that they opened the HP so early this year! I will disneybound snow white. I have a pic of the whole outfit:


Oooh, pretty Cinderella ears! 

I've ordered two pairs for my trip to Paris next month. On is from The Merry Ear Market - she has some gorgeous pairs - search on IG. My pair has shipped today so I'll post a photo when they arrive. I love the ToT ones and definitely have those on my wish list for my next Florida trip, and a pair of Belle ears!

This is the second pair - it had to be done:


If I was in the US, I would look at Wishery Ear Makers - some gorgeous ears, but shipping to the UK is just too expensive.


You will look amazing, Margie!

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