A VERY important letter to you from the Disney Scrappers administrators:


"Hey there! Hi there! Ho there! You’re as welcome as can be!..."

I don’t know how any true Disney fan can’t get happy when they hear those lyrics to the Mickey Mouse Club March!

Whether you are a brandy-brand new member just joining us, or a longtime Disney scrappin’, magic lovin’, memory makin’ mouseketeer, we are so glad you’re here and we welcome you to join in the happiness right along with us as we celebrate another day of our “International Scrapbook Day Week-Long Crop Party”! (held annually in May)


As we approach our eighth year here at Disney Scrappers, we look back at all of the changes to the site, and have enjoyed being able to offer so much content to you, our dearest friends and fellow scrappers!


As many of you know, the platform that we have always used for this site is a Ning platform.  This platform was launched by the company Mode Media in 2005 as a way for people and organizations to create custom social networks, and gives those groups the ability to create a community website with a customized appearance and feel; and features such as photos, videos, forums and blogs.


Unfortunately, in June 2017, Mode Media and Ning no longer offered these services for free.   

The solution that Mode Media and Ning have offered us is to upgrade to a more advanced Ning platform.  By upgrading to this platform, the gallery and all of its content, as well as all of our forums, will continue to be available. This includes the entire gallery of everyone’s shared photos and scrapbook pages.  Thousands of images that you and I have spent countless hours uploading and sharing.  Without this change all of that content would have been removed.

 This innovative new platform, called Ning 2 Plus, allows us the freedom to offer greater content to all of you, our users, including a chat box, greater personalization for individuals, and room to add potentially thousands of new members looking for a Disney-specific online scrapbooking place to call home.  We will be able to customizing everything along the way, based on your feedback, to make Disney Scrappers a better experience for everyone!


Of course this comes at a cost in the form of an access fee that we, the administrators, are planning to absorb.  We do NOT want to pass these costs onto you, as we think you’ll agree with our stance that no one, and we mean NO ONE, should have to pay for something that used to be available to them for free, so we will continue to offer standard tier content that includes a monthly challenge, as well as access to some of the forums and gallery at no cost.


In addition to this standard tier content that we continue to provide, and to aid us in offsetting the future cost of continuing to operate the site via the new Ning platform, we are excited to offer the new Disney Scrappers “White Glove” tier.

This membership program will give users access to so much more than we were ever able to offer before here at Disney Scrappers! For a yearly membership fee of $20 via PayPal, you will receive “club level” perks such as:

members-only access to exclusive cut files, multiple monthly challenges, inspiration boards, exclusive sketches, access to tutorials and techniques, and entry into drawings during crops for prizes that may include gift certificates to your favorite online scrapbooking stores or even prize packages from the theme parks!

PAYPAL ACCOUNT: DisneyScrappers17@gmail.com

here is a link: paypal.me/disneyscrappers

   ***please note - if your paypal account is

not in the same name that you use at DisneyScrappers, you will need to make a note when sending your fee what name you use at our site.

*Your $20 membership fee will pay for the year beginning MAY 1st 2018 thru May 31st 2019  - this membership will be offered from now thru November 30th 2018

*If you join between December 1st 2018 and May 1st 2019, the fee is $10 and will be for membership from time of payment thru May 31st 2019.

Our goal is to be able to afford the cost of the upgrade to the new Ning site, and to maintain enough members through the new “White Glove” membership program,  to keep this magical place around for your enjoyment and inspiration.

***When you pay your $20 fee, please send me a friend request so that I can then send you an email invite to the White Glove Level


We are confident that with your continued support, we will be able to create a bigger and better Disney Scrappers for all of you to enjoy for years to come!


Much love and magical wishes,

The Disney Scrappers Team



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Well I sure hope Disneyscrappers keeps going, I love it here! I paid my membership last week hopefully you got it. Crossing my fingers everything goes well so we can keep gathering at this happy place.

I also hope we can keep going! This site is amazing and I would hate to see it go away.

Thanks guys. We are about half way there so we are hopeful

Yay that's good news Susan! I really really hope this site gets to stick around!

Half way there is great! If you feel that you need to increase the amount, or need an additional boost, I wouldn't mind giving more to keep things active.

You guys are awesome. Thank you.

I can also help out more as well if needed.
Couldn't we just go to Facebook in the form of a closed group? We can share pictures and start conversation threads as well as share files on a Facebook group and it's free.

Hi Janelle. We talked about doing that and I have been in groups on Facebook,  but we decided that what we love most about disney scrappers is the gallery. We also have a few long time members who do not use facebook. Thank you for the suggestion, its just sad that they have dropped our membership level that we have paid for since 2010.

The exciting news is that we can have up to 10,000 members :) not that we will but I won't have to limit the site to 150 anymore and that sounds like fun to me

Susan - DH has now paid. I think he put my name on it. Could you let me know if you got it please?


Thank you all for your support!  We have looked at lots of options, and as Susan said, we did consider FB, and although free, it is limiting. Just a reminder that if we are able to keep the site, the main portion will remain free and the gallery will be accessible. We will just have the crops and most monthly challenges in the white glove level.

This site grew out of a little monthly Disney Challenge I used to post on Two Peas in a Bucket back in like 2004. Several of us met through that, but wanted to do more exclusively Disney Scrapping and chatting, so we started a little, more limited website on a different server. That was fun at the time and allowed us to just focus on Disney stuff.  Then a couple of years later when Ning started web hosting we switched over here as it gave us more options for building our Disney Scrapping community and it just worked better for us. All that to say, this little website we started years ago, just so a few of us could talk all Disney all the time is very special to us and we are thankful that it has become special to some of you as well! We hope it grows and is around for years to come.

Totally paided my money!! So need the motivation to complete my albums!!

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