Hey guys - try to follow me here. Many of us have die cutting machines that allow us to cut out shapes if we have a .jpg image.  I wanted to have us share our jpg shapes here that we use for disney pages and we can share some that are not going to be Disney copyright issues, but anything that is a character or clearly copyrighted shape, only share a photo of one you have made. Then if someone would like to "know more about it" they can send you a private message. You see?

For example here is a layout with a shape that is a grey mickey globe that resembles an older Epcot icon that I created and it would not be one that I would share a .jpg of publicly but I can tell you more about how it was created if you send me a private message. This kind of shape is a good one for us to just share a photo of how we used it on a page. 

and here is a shape that I use alot on my tropical or jungle Disney pages and I would be happy to share with you guys. It doesn't infringe on any kind of copyright but its great for Disney. Just click on it and you can save it from here. You have to cut it at least like 3" or more for it to cut well, but it works very nicely.

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Oh that is so not right. I know this site does tons of print then cut on her silhouette. Perhaps there might be the magic tip! http://underacherrytree.blogspot.com/2015/03/birthday-wiener-double...

I just saved all the SVG files in this thread. THANKS so much to everyone that shared their awesome files! Now I just have to figure out how to save them to my Silhouette Cameo library.

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