December has arrived!

For most of us who makes cards, this time of year is a flurry of activity making multiple holiday cards to send to everyone on their Christmas Card list. I have a thread already going with photos and discussions of this often monumental task.

This thread will for for discussing that one card you need to make that stands out from the rest.

Do you make a special Christmas card for your parents?

If your office chips in on a gift for your boss, do you need a card to go with the gift?

***Feel free to share links to your progress or finished cards or share them here in this thread, but only Disney projects and albums in our gallery please.

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This is really cute! the swirly sewn details really make it!

This year I am attempting just to get some actual cards put in the mail. But I may want to try and make one special card for my Gram or my parents.  I'm excited to actually be sending Christmas cards out again this year, but I think an extra special card would be nice too! I'll certainly post here if I get it done.

I did make cards this year... they weren't terribly exciting but I loved the stamps I used. Totally adorable Kelly Purkey stamps...

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