Yes, I said CRAZE. omgosh I didn't want to like these things but I have always loved to color so I had to have some. This is the spot to discuss, share links, and admit to the addiction.

A few questions to start with...

Which books do you have?

Which books do you want?

What do you use to color (pencils, markers, watercolor, and what brand)?

Do you plan to use these techniques in your scrapbooking?

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I have just bought Magical Jungle today in the supermarket for £6.50 instead of the full price of £12.99. I haven't seen it half price anywhere else so I was quite pleased :)

I think it would make a great Christmas present. I gave a few Johanna Basford books last year as birthday/Christmas presents

glad to hear it, Cris! Its just a really nice book. I took Brett to the bookstore while he was here and ended up with another Alice in Wonderland book. I have these three now:

this is a really good one but its a bit smaller at 7x7":


This  one is fun but Alice doesn't quite look like a traditional long haired little girl alice:


This one is taken from the original illustrations and adapted nicely for coloring, but Alice still makes some silly faces


It as my birthday today and DH bought me a pack of 48 prismacolour pencils to use in my colouring books and a blender pencil. No excuse not to give it a go now :). I will be needing inspiration to help me in shading and blending.

Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! well I just happen to have lots of inspiration :) Those folders have lots but with Prismacolors I just color fairly lightly and add more as needed and you can add other colors right over colors to blend them because they are creamy in a way that you can actually smear them if you rub your finger on them. That is actually a good thing because you want them to blend. I thought they would get onto the facing page too much, but they don't. Whichever book you want to start on, just go to youtube and search it and you will find lots of youtubes, or search blending with prismacolors and you will also find some good videos.

I played with my new set of Polychromos and they do not smear at all. I love how creamy they feel and how well they lay down color but blending is not quite as easy when you are used to prismacolors. I love them but will still use my prismacolors and some of the crayola colors.

here is a photo of my set


and the page I did yesterday


Happy Belated Birthday, Cris!

That page is gorgeous, Susan!

Thank you for the Birthday wishes :)

The page is gorgeous Susan. Was that with Prismas or Polychromos?

How many Polychromos have you got in your set. Is it the full 120?

I will definitely be checking your inspiration pages

Ok who is coloring? and what books have you gotten or are waiting for?  :)

I just updated my list of books back on the first page of this thread.  If you need info about any of them I probably have a folder on pinterest with ideas. Only like one or two of my books are not popular enough to have examples around that I have found.

I just preordered this 3rd Romantic Country book. Love those books!


and also this one which looks like it will be fun. Its swedish and I have seen a thumb thru of the whole book on youtube. Its super cute. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1423646622/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_...

but the one I am most looking forward to is Johanna's next book!!! Here is the post on her blog about it!


What do you guys think of her peeks and description? I wasn't to thrilled that it is actually a storybook about a little girl but I think since she has not shown the girl yet, it might not have her on every page. All of the elements sound fun and if you are like me and want the pages to stay in the books, then it would be cool to color a book that tells a story.  Actually Romantic Country and also my Alice books tell stories without words so much, but you know what I mean.

here are the pages I am working on.

First is one I started after Christmas because I didn't have time to color in my pretty Johanna's Christmas book during the holidays. my phone washes out my coloring photos so just imagine it more saturated:

and this one is from my one world disney book from japan and I started this page a long time ago and I am just now trying to finish it again. totally pale compared to how it really looks. Oh and still coloring with savvy. :)

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